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FInally, Ive updated the NovaCor Labwork promo vid from the old version.

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Finally, the time has come for an updated Labwork video. Many of you may remember the original video, made just before a total redesign of the maps. Perfect timing eh? Now I have a new video, and one that doesnt make the Mod look like so much of a corridor blaster. You wont see the Infected in this, as I am still tweaking their animations and appearance.

Progress on all 3 Labwork maps stands at around 95% total completion. Very little remains to finish work on this Chapter. The play time for the Labwork chapter alone is 40 to 60 minutes, depending on how good you are and how much you investigate things.

Tech_02 WIP Screens

The Tech maps have been at a standstill since my last time picturing them; around 50% completion. This is due to me working on the Living Quarters maps and hashing out the level design, transferring it from ink and lead on paper to 3D world in Hammer. I bounce around in tasks; its just something you'll have to deal with :).

Employee Quarters

Aside from mapping news, Ive been working on tons of new models for the Living Quarters including couches, chairs, various tables and appliances. As always, each one has a number of different skins to keep things from getting too monotonous.

Lastly, Ive reworked the Infected models to be less disingushable from regular or injured crewmen. Extra creepy and freaky.

Reskinned Infected

Thats about all I have to talk about for this news update. I hope you enjoy the video!

Shaleesh - - 47 comments

Wow... I was having my doubts about this game but now, this looks amazing!

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Raygoza - - 1,639 comments

i really agree with you.

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jjawinte - - 5,067 comments

MY job to stop it...? Hell yeah - I'm your man !

Bounce your merry way along any way you want to man; it's all coming together as some very impressive looking work. I'm really anticipating this project. Kudos

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Jerikøh - - 298 comments

Good job! the environment is great

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ildamos - - 226 comments

Still no bump mapping but now I'm liking it --- it definitely lends the mod its own identity. Keep it up!

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firebird2009 - - 155 comments

all I can say is ... OH WOW !!! I really want to play this !! bring it on !!!

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agent00kevin Author
agent00kevin - - 1,276 comments

Admittedly, this started out a little rough around the edges. I kept testing what Id made and thinking, I can do better than this. So I kept going back and picking at everything I could until I got to this point. At this very moment Im going back through all the Labwork Maps, which are pictured in the short Vid, and figuring out what I can do to make it better yet still.

As far a bumpmapping goes, there will be bumpmapped and refelective surfaces. Not many of them are done right now; I have been focusing my efforts on mapping and modelling for the time being. Mapping is the top priority, and along with that goes modelling the props I need to bring the maps to life. But dont worry, everything wont be plate-glass smooth when its done :)

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Voodou - - 59 comments

Wow! this actually looks really good! keep up the good work mate i'm looking forward to playing it once its released :D

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K05T4R - - 503 comments

Ok, that was just SICK! I think you need to be workin on games for a living! :P
I'm not *blowin smoke*, I dont do the ego thing, this gameplay loox great tho, all the stuff you put into the levels, it loox like a short demo from an established game developer, not someone that has a separate *9-5* job doing this in his spare time..
It has been cool seeing your progress along the way and your interaction w/, implementation of ppl's suggestions. I think that format is most successful for dvlprs and gamers.
I am sure many of us cant wait for a playable demo and full version!

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agent00kevin Author
agent00kevin - - 1,276 comments

Thanks. I know I can count on you and many other to not just give blind praise. You always spot inconsistencies and bring them up. Most of the time I fix them. I greatly appreciate people like you. Getting community feedback is an important aspect of Modding IMO. Many commercial developers hire focus groups to criticize their projects and take their opinions very seriously. I like having unbiased opinions pushing me to do this a little better or that a little better. I do this because I enjoy it, but if no one else enjoys the result of 2 years of labor, then its largely a waste of time. After all, I enjoy doing lots of things, not just sitting at my computer for hours on end every night. I would absolutely love to work for a developer designing levels or more. I think with my real life construction experience, I have a sort of a qualification thats hard to get, even with an education in the field behind you. Id like to put that to use in the gaming industry.

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