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Some frequently asked questions, and the answers to them.

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These are some questions that are asked quite frequently around here. Before you ask us in the comments section, look here to see if we already have an answer!

Q: What exactly is Paradox?

A: Paradox is a very ambitious partial conversion mod for Red Alert 3. We aim to add five (!!) new factions to the game. We will also update the three original RA3 factions to make them remain competitive with the newcomers. The amount of work to be done is enormous - each faction has entirely new units, structures and visual/audio FX to make.

As for the new factions, click on their logos in the main page's header to find out more about them! These links take you to our Wiki page - a veritable fountain of community lore, unit information, and short stories about the world circa 1969.

Q: I downloaded the latest release and there's only one new faction! Where are the other new ones!

A: As you can see in our lovely pictures gallery, we only have one completed new faction, the Confederate Revolutionaries. The other four new factions are not finished and will not be finished for a long time.

The release schedule for factions is below.

Release 0.9/0.91/0.92/0.921 (up for download) : Updates to the Allied Nations added the Confederate Revolutionaries. Public beta, still has many unfixed bugs.

Apocalypse Minimod (In development) : The ARVN and the Vietcong duke it out in Minor Faction Deathmatch. Not yet completed, but in development.

Release 1 and patches (not yet complete) : Finishes up the former releases 0.9 - 0.921. Finished Allies and Confederates, some minor updates to the Soviets and Japan.

Release 2 (not yet complete) : Updates to the Soviets and Empire of the Rising Sun.

Release 3 (still conceptual, not started) : Atomic Kingdom of China and the Order of the Talon. Conceptual models for China complete. See them on the userpages for R3ven, Sighnapse and Open_Sketchbook.

Release 4 (still conceptual, not started) : Electrical Protectorate and Mediterranean Syndicate. No progress at all.

Release 5 (still conceptual, although Sketch knows the campaign plot) : Campaigns for all factions. No visible progress for anyone not on the dev team.

Q: Wow! That looks like a lot of work! I can model/texture/code/do other stuff for you guys! Can I help out?

A: We happily accept all capable C&C modders - just PM Open_Sketchbook, R3ven or any other dev team member. We communicate via MSN.

Q: Why isn't Paradox working for me? I can't launch it/skirmish menu is screwed up/how do I install?

A: The directions for installation are in the Readme included with every download. It's called a READ-ME for a reason.

The game must be launched using the RA3 control center's "Game Browser" button, and selecting the mod in the "Mods" tab.

The Skirmish menu bug is a hardcoded problem - RA3 doesn't like added factions. Create a new profile for playing Paradox and use that profile ONLY for Paradox games.

Also, make sure your game is patched to 1.12. This solves most problems. If this doesn't solve your problem or if you have a different one, ask in the comments section on the main Paradox Moddb page.

Q: Will you guys be including the Tesla Tank? How about Uprising units?

A: Short answer: no. Long answer: the Tesla tank, cool as it may be, is redundant. The soviets have the Hammer and Apocalypse for anti-armour, and if you can't live without lightning bolts, the Tesla Trooper does the same thing.

The Uprising units are considered by the dev team to be ugly, grossly imbalanced and unbefitting to their factions. The one unit that filled a purpose - the Archer Maiden - was discarded in place of the Masamune Drone - which fills the same niche, but better.

Q: I think I have a cool idea for this mod! What do I do with it?

A: One of the unique things about Paradox is our open suggestions page. If you register on the Wiki, you can put your suggestions on the unit/faction/protocol suggestion pages. Just make sure to read the suggestions rules first!

Q: What does PДЯДАОЖ mean! It's like... Rdyadaozh or something!

A: It's not really Russian, it's faux Cyrillic. Read it as though it were Latin script. We've gotten SO many complaints about this when it's clearly supposed to be a play on Cyrillic text, just like the backwards R in "Яed AleЯt." None of us speak or read Russian, so when the logo was made the letters were selected based on their resemblance to "Paradox", written as such.

Q: I have a frequently asked question! Why isn't it up here?

A: Probably because I'm human and I forget about things. If you have a question you need answered and it's not on this page, post a comment about it on the main Paradox Moddb page! We'd love to answer it for you.



you guys are da best!

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Great job so far, cant wait for 0.91- for confedrate SUPER FORTRESS! THe Faction is also hard to play as becuase upgrades dont work either.

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Cant wait for any of your updates, this mod is so epic!!

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Epic Mod Sir And Keep Up The Good Work. :)

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