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Still having slow progress but we are still working on the mod! :)

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Oh boy look at the time it's 2022...

Sorry for neglecting the mod page for too long, i assure you we're not dead!(i just have been busy with university.)

We've been trying to finish the mod for very long time but since we are only 2 people working on the mod (also not working full time) it's not very possible to finish it early.

I've stated that this mod will be released in late 2020 or 2021 before but unfortunately we didn't make it but this time i'm determined to finish this mod this year hopefully.

Since i've upgraded my pc once again it will be easier for me to continue mod.

What's left to finish?

Um... Levels. Lots of levels, still improvising the maps. Also splash image for the mod.


Lots of stuff we been trying to implement is finished so far and pretty much ready.

We will also start to share some screenshots of level design. The levels are pretty much generic actually

The_Guardian™ - - 75 comments

Hello Xray! Been a while. Glad to know the shadows haven't eaten you just yet. Don't rush the Modification, such things are delicate, it's like art.

I am still looking forwards for the progress of your guys mod!

Best Regards,

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X-Ray. Author
X-Ray. - - 977 comments

Hey Guardian, yes it's been a while because of that i decided to step up from shadows. I have to rush it because i've delayed too much.

I am also looking forward to your mod's progress too! best of luck to both :)

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FlippedOutKyrii - - 3,496 comments

Nice to hear it's still alive, school tends to stop a lot of mods in their tracks though.

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Krychur - - 967 comments

'preciate you telling us what's up instead of disappearing entirely. don't worry about the article being rushed, it's just good to hear from you again, X. good luck finding a level designer!

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