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sorry for the long long absent i've been having problems in my real life so i couldn't update but still i kept on working on the mod and now here is a little late update on the mod :)

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the mod now have 53 official clans

  1. "Akamatsu Clan"
  2. "Akizuki Clan"
  3. "Amago Clan"
  4. "Anegakoji Clan"
  5. "Anto Clan"
  6. "Arima Clan"
  7. "Asakura Clan"
  8. "Ashikaga Clan"
  9. "Ashina Clan"
  10. "Aso Clan"
  11. "Azai Clan"
  12. "Chosokabe Clan"
  13. "Date Clan"
  14. "Hatakeyama Clan"
  15. "Hatano Clan"
  16. "Hojo Clan"
  17. "Honganji Clan"
  18. "Ichijo Clan"
  19. "Imagawa Clan"
  20. "Isshiki Clan"
  21. "Ito Clan"
  22. "Jinbo Clan"
  23. "Kakizaki Clan"
  24. "Kimotsuki Clan"
  25. "Kitabatake Clan"
  26. "Kono Clan"
  27. "Matsudaira Clan"
  28. "Motoyama Clan"
  29. "Mimura Clan"
  30. "Miyoshi Clan"
  31. "Mogami Clan"
  32. "Mori Clan"
  33. "Nagano Clan"
  34. "Nagao Clan"
  35. "Nanbu Clan"
  36. "Oda Clan"
  37. "Otomo Clan"
  38. "Rokkaku Clan"
  39. "Ryuzoji Clan"
  40. "Sagara Clan"
  41. "Saito Clan"
  42. "Satake Clan"
  43. "Satomi Clan"
  44. "Shiba Clan"
  45. "Shimazu Clan"
  46. "Soma Clan"
  47. "Suzuki Clan"
  48. "Takeda Clan"
  49. "Tsutsui Clan"
  50. "Uragami Clan"
  51. "Utsunomiya Clan"
  52. "Yamana Clan"
  53. "Yuki Clan"

adding more ? not sure maybe later!

and i'm working on some good stuff (won't say them till they are finished and working + it makes you hyped up! XD)

now i'm looking for two someone good in working with these two things

Economy : someone good with making the economy working good (i'm really shitty in this since all the villages are poor at the start lol)like trading goods and trading routes between towns and clans ....etc and the economy related stuff

Scenes: sceners i'll love you till forever lol srx i really need some guys working on scenes (my scener is gone and i'm having my hands tied up)

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zxcvmnb - - 24 comments

Looks great. I'm really impressed with the progress. Keep up the good work!

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Dark1Isaac - - 897 comments

Nice! So many towns and castles for takeda clan!!

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XXachillesThEBEAstXx - - 295 comments

looking good.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Guest - - 695,965 comments

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Fulcrox - - 41 comments

Looks good dude,i am going to watch the progress of this mod for sure,Can be possible add Portuguese and Spanish Mercenaries like reclutable troops?

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Guest - - 695,965 comments

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