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The game has changed .. a lot TL:DR the game is now a topdown trading game with combat and empire building elements.

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Ok, this has been a long time coming.
Since the last update the game has gone through various faces and has been rewritten multiple times. I am quite happy with the latest iteration which is why I'm updating now.

The game idea as it stood 2-3 years ago was a first person adventuregame, and I managed to make some progress, but many parts of the game, in fact the bulk it were outside of my area of expertise.

The game will be a kickass sandbox highseas trading game. In which you can choose your own path to success.
Do you want to be a notorious freebooter who hunts down fat lazy traders, and stays one step ahead of the law through cunning and speed?
Or perhaps you want to be recognized as an upstanding citizen who makes an honourable living trading goods between cities and factions.
Or how about joining the military? They are always looking for fresh meat for the grin.. I mean ambitious youngsters, especially if they have their own ship. Hunt pirates, wage war, explore the world, there's no end to the adventures in military service, and you even have proper healthcare in case you catch a cannonball during combat.

The game is still in its early stages, so far only movement and half of the trade system has been added, and there are many hurdles both on the front of programming, art, audio and more, but the game is progressing again.

I've started to do live development sessions on twitch, and I've set up a twitter for small tidbits of information, and twitch stream updates. They can be found here:

and here

I'll be updating here, slightly more frequently now ;)
Don't forget to be awesome!

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