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this update will show some of the changes to brutal duke.

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there is going to be a few changes to brutal duke. first of all, the shot gun is going to change to the shotgun from duke nukem 64. the game development while it is going well, isn't enough to show anything yet, I plan on going one step at a time, where once I finish the weapons, I will show you the weapons. Then when I finish the monster properties I will show you the monsters. I wish I could say for certain when this game would release, but I cant. I plan on a release before summer next year. there are other changes, but those will be revealed soon enough. anyways, here is the weapons list so far, recommendations are welcome.

  • flame thrower
  • freeze thrower
  • pistol
  • shotgun
  • sawed off shotgun
  • ripper
  • buzzsaw
  • rpg
  • devastator
  • plasma gun
  • shrinker/enlarger
  • and pipe bombs

Awesome. Been waiting update. :)

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ahh plasma gun from duke nukem forever probably the railgun from duke nukem forever will be in here

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