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Current work being completed in Vader's New Order.

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Right now we are working on the multiplayer portion of the mod while implementing the final units into the game. Daizo is working hard on getting those last units finished for the mod. One thing I'm having trouble with is how to make it so the 3 new factions (Mandos, Hutts, Imperium) advance by tech level in the mod so that you don't have to start on tech 5. Anther thing was how to have units match faction color. Since I changed the Rebels from red to blue, most of their units that had red markings changed to yellow markings. I don't know how to fix that.

I also had a great new idea. I thought about adding different campaigns, not only the official VNO GC but also other scenarios for GC. Maybe one that starts directly after Vader's coup and the Imperium isn't around in the game, and the Mandalorians won't be playable or something. Or one when the Rebellion is on the verge of destruction with 1 or 2 planets. I may vary the heroes (maybe some new ones) and change the units available or starting planets, etc.

We still need a few more models, including Jerec, Raptor troopers and scouts, also some designs for Chiss ships and units. Still having trouble implementing Tyber Zann and Urai Fenn into the mod. I added them to the campaign_GC file but they don't seem to be appearing in the GC. on the Consortium's planet.

Edit: We also need a model for Darth Caezar.

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keep up the good work!!!!!

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