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Update v0.3.1.0 brings quality-of-life changes, bugfixes, and difficulty levels!

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Field Agents,

Apex Hunters v0.3.1.0 is now live. Here's what's different:

  • New - Always Run toggle: Choose between Walk and Run for default movement
  • New - Difficulty levels: Easy (Easier missions in Hunt - throttled back waves in Survive), Standard, and Undaunted (Harder missions - intensified waves)
  • Bugfix: All dinosaurs now react to being hit with a tranq dart
  • Bugfix: Sleeping dinosaurs can now be killed
  • Bugfix: Fixed bug that substituted the end-of-wave "# remaining" message with the first wave message in Survive
  • Bugfix: Pack dinos in Survive will no longer become stuck trying to verify their target with other pack members
  • Change: Players now have three (3) seconds of invulnerability after respawning
  • Change: Large and X-Large dino slow on damage values have been buffed: Large now slows to 70% down from 75%, X-Large 80% down from 90%
  • Change: In-game menu now exits to the main menu instead of quitting to desktop
  • Change: Remixed in-game audio levels
  • Various behind-the-scenes improvements and foundational work for future updates

Questions? Comments? Bugs? Let us know.

Good hunting,

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