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Mod been dead but now I design at least 3 chambers per week now! :D Also I got Eric a voice actor.

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Hey everyone, Sketch or Supes or whatever my username is here!
As you know, this mod has been floating in hiatus for the past 1... 2? Years. That's because I got a bit burnt out at the time due to trying to polish every single little thing and needed to work on something else. That's how I usually function when making games. But now I finally want to finish what I had promised to you and I have a four part plan to achieve this (just like a certain British orb)! Part 1, Layout a map either on PeTI or On Paper. Part 2 Set up the map into an actual chamber. Part 3, Stockpile the tests then add all the story elements. Part 4 you finally get to enjoy this project! With this plan I will avoid burnout and probably a release date sometime next year or so depending on how it goes.

A Phase 1 Test Chamber in Portal 2!:


A Phase 2 Test Chamber in LKT!:


Oh and as a bonus feature I even got a really talented friend to voice Eric, the green core in that one screenshot.

Have a nice night! -Supes.


Good job taking a break, burnout is never good. Looking forward to the mod!

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