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As I had already said, my father's health wasn't in a good state, still isn't great, but life goes on.

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The Project was halted due to matters in the real world, I really couldn't focus at all. Anyway, I'm back, sort of, so I'm trying to get back into the Project.

The NEW Plan

I'm a fair bit rusty since I've not been doing any Programming at all for several months. So starting up again will be slow. Anyway, since I can't get some of the UI features to work correctly, I'm going to be removing the existing Brotherhood Of NOD and the Global Defence Initiative. This is step one.

I'm then going to place in a Time Paradox into the Story (original plan, reworked). This is going to have an Anime Cutscene to keep it company for easier explanation. Of cause, I need Anime Artists and Animators for this. Not to mention, Voice Actors who speak both English and Japanese.

It's a very Command & Conquer way of doing it, since the beginning, Temporal Manipulation has been at the very heart of the Franchise. So, why not use it as an excuse again, might as well. Obviously, haters going to hate, but never mind.

New Story Outlined

NOD having ascended, there is no need for GDI, right?

The commander (the Player) having been left to die somehow manages to survive due to the link to the Threshold Tower. Obviously, he/she wants his/her wife back, and he/she doesn't give two monkeys about how he's/she's going to do it. Especially since he/she really has nothing else to live for otherwise.

So, having regained consciousness, he/she decides to reactivate the Threshold Tower again. Since GDI are storming the place anyway, might as well, right? The Commander connects to the Network, and finds links to the Scrin and its Empire. The Scrin relay a message to the Commander.

The Message Reads: We just want Kane dead, kill him for our brothers.

Having relatively mixed feelings, the Commander decides to be the judge of ones own destiny and uses the tower to go back in time. However, the time in which the Commander goes back to isn't at all what History would recall. Since the Tower itself is able to jump through time, the Commander takes the tower with him/her.

Having jumped through time, something unexpected occurs. A mixture of both NOD and GDI are pulled through the Time Jump, but so too are some relics from another Time Line all together. This leads to mass confusion as NOD, GDI, Soviet, and Allied forces appear to be in the same place at once. A new Faction appears to also be involved.

The new Faction (CCS) is fighting both NOD and GDI forces who were originally present, and is now faced with more NOD and GDI forces from its rear. The Commander is then faced with helping this new Faction for the sake of the future of Man. The CCS have some sort of device which was triggered by the Threshold Tower, and hence Allied and Soviet Forces are present too.

The CCS defending their position find they suddenly have the jolt of power they need for their Reinforcements to arrive. However, they now just need time. With the help of the Commander, they are able to hold their position for long enough to activate their device safely. With it, multiple Mobile Construction Vehicles are summoned along with overwhelming numbers of Vehicles and Troops. All of which using Technology fresh from the future.

Faction Details

CCS: A Super Faction made up of several displaced Units from other Time Lines. Namely a mixture of Allied and Japanese Technology with a heavy GDI influence. Favouring Arial Warfare and Prism Technology, they also have the Chronosphere. The deadly mix of Japanese Nanocore Technology with Allied Prism Technology, comes with its own costs. Couple this with GDI's idea of Air Supremacy, with the Orca-Z18, Hammerhead-ZH44, and Kodiak-ZXY, along with Japanese Mecha Warfare having been re-conceptualised for Tiberian Infestation, the Mecha Tengu ZM3 and ZVX, how can anyone resist.

NOD: No longer standing alone as the Brotherhood they once were, Kane decides that drastic action is required in order to address the new threat that the CCS posses to his plans. Kane warns the GDI openly of the Scrin and of the CCS, knowing that the CCS have connections to the Scrin. Kane is not afraid of the Scrin, but he is afraid of the Sub-Faction of the Scrin that is working with the CCS.

GDI: With the Global Defence Summit having unanimously agreed that the CCS pose more of a threat to them than initial predictions, the GDI is forced to work with NOD. Some Sub-Factions don't agree however, so therefore join the CCS. This then gives the CCS both ZOCOM Technology and Steal Talon Man Power. While the CCS don't favour Mechanised Troops, they recognise the advantage of having the extra forces. Since the CCS want to remove Tiberian from Time itself, stating that it's an error within the Space Time Continuum.

Forgotten: Not knowing where to stand, they go with the Strongest. Since the CCS promise a cure for Tiberian Infection, while also recognising openly that it won't be available yet, the Forgotten take advantage of the benefits the CCS provide. Since the Forgotten see the GDI as nothing but providers of empty promises, they go with what they can see with their eyes and hold with their hands.

Scrin: Aware that their Threshold Tower has been used, they send more advanced forces. No intelligence is available at this time as to their composition. The Scrin is however made up of two major sides, and one of these sides is believed to have connections to the CCS.

Break Down of Alliances

CCS and Forgotten: Since the CCS have the Technology and the Researchers, and more importantly, the resources; the Forgotten trust the CCS will keep to their word or die trying. Since the Forgotten have superior numbers, the CCS utilise only those who they need, and endeavour to never be greedy. The CCS prefer to use their Technology to do the heavy work and allow the Forgotten safe-haven within their borders.

GDI and NOD: While many GDI quit their jobs, with the ZOCOM Sub-Faction breaking off entirely to join the CCS, what remains of GDI still goes strong. They may not like it, but they have no other choice. Kane wills his followers to do as he requests of them, but not all of them take heed of his wisdom. Thus, they also break off, however, they decide the true way is with the Scrin. The Splinter Forces believe Kane to be a false prophet. From a Technological standpoint however... The Stealth Mammoth?

Scrin and Splinter Forces: Taking advantage of the Forward Base formed by NOD, they attempt to gain access to the Planet. Using NOD's Splinter Forces, they seek to eradicate Kane and the CCS in one shot. The Scrin are not aware of their own people also splintering off from them to join the CCS. Thus Scrin against Scrin, and so begins a Civil War, with Terra as the Battlegrounds for the war.

Your Comments

Please, let me know what you think of the new plan, and if it's worth pursuing. If it's not, don't just say it, provide an explanation and a suggestion as to how it could be improved. Also, provide a name for the new GDI+NOD Super Faction, since they really can't work it out.


I think it seems rather interesting. In my opinion its worth pursuing. Unitas initiative for the nod-gdi alliance.

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OK, the Idea for the Name you came up with has prompted another idea.

United Global Initiative (UGI)
Let me know what you think of this idea.

Also, should the two logo's be merged, or should the Classic Logo from Westwood's days be reused?

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Given they are working with nod and kane, the name you suggested appears too similar to gdi in my opinion. I think a combined logo would look excellent. Thanks for responding.

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I'm so excited for this mod! You're an excellent fanfic writer at any rate, so you know your way around the keyboard; Code on! I believe in you fam, this mod is/ will be amazing.

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–°ool! I wait diaris of progres)

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