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An apology to Moddb users who have been a bit in the dark about the update's development and why the 1.0 update has taken so long.

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From Eshy,

So it seems that I have forgotten about posting on this Moddb page. First of all I apologize to people who only know of the mod from here, I have unfortunately left you in the dark. However to make it up I will explain the content being featured in the next update. First of all weapons, as of 3.5R there are around 20 or so weapons. But if you want to know how many weapons will be in the 1.0 update, here's a link to the weapons section of the next update patch notes:

Yes your eyes aren't tricking you, TF2V will now have OVER 100 weapons in it! Classic items like the Dead Ringer, Force-a-Nature and newer ones like the Thermal Thruster and Panic Attack. This is why the update has taken so long, the weapon list has just gotten longer and longer as development had continued. Thankfully weapon development has ended and now we can focus on finalizing the update to make it playable and fun. Please comment or post in our discord balance ideas you'd like to see to some weapons, and improvements we can make to the game so you can all enjoy it more. We now are aiming for a release at the end of the month (actually this time) and hope to get everyone playing the game as soon as possible. Thank you for your continued support and I hope you'll enjoy the 1.0 Update!

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