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The latest full game developments: covering tweaks and updates for Graphics, Menu Options, and Hit-bounce physics.

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Following some useful user feedback I have recently re-done some of the text, button, and background graphics and added more menu options to the game.
The Escape-Key options menu and the main menu buttons have been re-done to make them more readable, and the animation of the main page has been slowed down, a little.


I have added the two score readouts to the main page. ‘Top’ shows the highest score and level reached, whilst ‘Last’ gives the level and score achieved in the previous game, before quitting.
The addition of a ‘Continue’ button to the Main Menu allows you to re-start the last game: at the previous level with your score intact.
A ‘Practice’ button has also been added to the Main Menu. This allows you to practice any level previously reached in the game, and can be used to practice the more difficult levels without having to play the game up until that point.

** Currently completing a level from the practice screen will unlock the next level(s) reached, although I’m not sure whether or not this feature will make it into the main game…


The hit-bounce physics have also been improved, allowing more freedom of angle and speed manipulation through the speed and angle of the cursor hit. This also means there is a greater margin for error if you hit the objects at the wrong angle, or speed, so I’ve increased the hit-box sizes to offset this a little.


I'm currently mostly working on designing the remaining 89 levels. At which point this should be at the Beta play-testing; bug-fixing, tweaking; stage.
Hopefully I’ll be able to get this released for the PC around February/March, with a phone version possibly being ready towards the middle of 2014.

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