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Giving my replies to 1.01 feedback, and 1.011 status updates.

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Once again, I would like to say that all of the comments and suggestions we got from all of you were taken into consideration, and I have already made the proper re-balancing and bug fixes for version 1.011.

1.011 will be a quick update. There's no new stuff around it, maybe the new Soviet armory skins but only that. I would like to fix the broken gameplay and utter rage against multiple anti-air rocket weapons brought about by revision c first before going into new changes. Before I release it, I've decided that I let all of you know what are the changes made that you would expect in the next version. I will also explain my thoughts on some suggestions which I cannot change back with the best argument I can make.

-Reaper, Javelin, and GKO missile weapons had their scatter radius properties removed. Missiles will now follow the target again.

  • The only thing left inaccurate with the Reaper is the grenades. It collides with enemies and has a shockwave radius against infantry, aside from being effective against weak ones.

-Pacifier ammo size increased from 4 to 6, and so is the ammo reload time from 4 to 5 seconds. Removed clip size from the autocannon and changed firing intervals from 0.05 to 0.25.

  • Do you want an increase in the firing interval from 0.5s to 0.25s and bolt down a rain of flames?
  • The heroic state affects the firing interval by making sudden short bursts with those 16 clips. So removed.

-Harbinger autocannon damage dealt to structures and aircraft down from 25% to 10%

  • About the proton shells, it's not that it is fully accurate. It's just that the weapon speed is so fast that even with flight adjustment at 0, it will still hit slightly far from the target and is dealt with AOE damage.

-Mortar cycle molotov explosion changed to match regular conscript fx.
Damage radius decreased from 30 to 15 (5 more than the conscript equivalent.)
Damage decrease from 24 to 20.
Clip size increased to 3, and throws all at once, with a scatter radius of 5, reload at 1.75s.
Mortar explosion replaced with the previous molotov explosion, making it a napalm warhead.

-Desolator stream placeholder given with green trails. Resized from 0.7 to 0.9 scale.
Splattershot damage over time effect increased from 1.0 to 3.0. Death fx set to IRRADIATED

  • Most armor have the lowest score on radiation damage, so this is quite enough.
  • Again with the Tesla/Deso comparison. In my opinion, a conscript in a mechanical battlesuit is different from a conscript (or whatever toxic sadist is in it) bolted in semi-fit powered armor. Therefore assuming that the desolator is NOT AS BIG as the tesla trooper. Same goes with cryo legionnaires, but no-one seems to be bothered with it.

-Legionnaire death weapon damage interval removed. This weapon no longer affects other legionnaires.

  • You see, after being frozen, the 1.0 damage is delayed by 0.5 seconds. So if one dies and freezes the others around it, they also break after.

-Twinblade attack animation added to match the new missile trajectory. Damage decreased from 75 to 60. Autocannon range adjusted to match rocket range.

  • Just for a while. If I started missing the neutron star effect, I might revert it back.

-Future Tank cost decreased to $2650. Instead of damage, ammo reload time decreased from 2.6 to 1.1. Combined with the pre-attack time of 2.4, we have a total of 3 seconds per shot instead of 5.

-Giga-Fortress siege mode (head) laser reload time decreased from 5 to 3.
Node explosion set to instant as the laser sweeps the path.
Landing speed when going into fortress mode increased to fix splash fx problem.
Take-off speed into head mode decreased.

Temporary removal of changes from the following:
-All water units, especially subs, reverted locomotors into original settings. This is until I find what causes the consecutive surface/submerge of subs when attacking.

And to other suggestions in which I cannot accept:

-Javelin IFV components

  • I specifically stated that these become UNGUIDED multiple rocket launching systems. They retain their inaccuracy.

-The new Chrono Tank weapon and ability logic change

  • First, for those who are still not aware, this is a homage to the Ghostbuster's proton stream. Hence the orange laser and electricity fx. Why didn't I make it bend? Since the beam will flash like a tesla bolt shot. I plan on making it "cross streams", but the Nod Beam Cannon logic doesn't work here (the combining beams when 2 or more focused on a single target.) As I said it before, my temporal distortion weapon code was pretty buggy, and needs further recoding to work on. If I get it done, maybe I'll reconsider changing it again.
  • Second, the ability logic is based from the Scrin Shock Trooper blink pack code. When used, those critters also gather in one spot, hence there is no setup for collision detection. I'd say this is better logic-wise because it fixes the bug when the tank uses the ability over a bridge and gets stuck under it since it tried to leap under with the copied sickle jump code.

-Carriers and Dreadnoughts

  • These things not shooting "on the move" is not a bug. I personally set them to fire only when stationary and face the target. This makes the firing sequence more reasonable, and they don't really have a turret gun or something.

Had enough with the wall of text? Good, that's the end of it.
Everything new will be in 1.02. And yes, this includes the other two super protocols.

Don't forget to visit the mod forum if you have new bugs found that needs working.
We now accept bugs or inconsistencies that also happen in the campaign, and please indicate if it is from the campaign or multiplayer.


Is it possible to get the Soviet Super Protocol working in the Campaign?

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TheWorms Author

It might only be a map override statement that prevents new modified object codes to work in the campaign. So yes, that's possible. But having that kind of power in the 4th mission (where you get to build the battle lab for the first time) and consecutive missions after ruins the campaign experience (having those uprising units is another factor), so maybe I'll disable those powers in the campaign.

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Uhm, isn't the Dreadnaught crappy enough like it was?

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So when will it be released?

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No more underpowered rocket angels! lol

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agreed! also chronotank is op. they destroy tesla tanks without a problem

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