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I set myself a goal of creating at least 100 of these NPC portraits for the game... The first one was created 5 years ago, and here we are 100 NPC portraits later! On average, each one took about 2 hours.

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I recently reached one of my milestones. Creating at least 100 NPC portraits. Each one of these takes on average 2 hours (if I don't get distracted...).

These are the new ones I've added since the last update:

Creating the portraits is one thing... adding the dialogue and NPC to the game is another... The world of Daneth needs farmers and fishmongers and that's what many of these new portraits are. Every farmer or peasant in the game has a unique portrait and dialogue tree. The only exception to this are the disposable town guards.

I've filled out some more of Bainsfield, adding NPCs and furnishings. Below is the town hall.

Quest and Journal Log

I have added a quest log to the game and have moved the journal to the same section. I plan on adding both combat logs and NPC conversation logs as well.

Notes have also been added. They function the same as books but are obviously only 1 page.

Chickens are now in the game. Whenever I say the word "chickens" it always brings me back to that episode of GoT...

Bok... bok... bok... I think I'll take two chickens.

I updated the old city walls to give them some depth. They don't look so much like cardboard cutouts anymore.

... while the log fort walls of Bainfield now look sharper and a little less phallic...

Transitions between different biomes has been greatly improved.

Ancient ruins tileset added:

  • Added turned over wagon sprite
  • Fixed corpse depth
  • Fixed books showing wrong book
  • Added notes to the game
  • Replaced note sprite
  • Fixed log page alignment issue
  • Prevented multiple log entries of same type from being added
  • Fix mob spawner count crash
  • Added quest log
  • Added option for wait for window close on the display text
  • Optimized NPC sprites
  • Improved transition from temperate to desert biome
  • Fixed arrow crash after engine update
  • Fixed health bar not showing
  • Adjusted path colour
  • Added ancient ruins
  • Added stone temple doors
  • Improved castle wall sprite
  • Added broken pillar
  • Fixed hover text showing blank text
  • Added temple tileset
  • Added new NPC sprite assets
  • Added tents
  • Updated guards NPC sprites
  • Added table saw
  • Added bloodied rag
  • Added log piles
  • Added saw mill
  • Added chickens
  • Added large weapons rack
  • Improved fort wall tileset
  • Added 23 new NPC portraits

Thanks everyone. I am still focusing on content going forward. I plan on engaging outside help from a writer to help with some story direction.

I hope you are all staying safe!


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