Code of the Savage is a tale of vengeance and survival. After escaping a slave ship, you have found yourself in chains and washed ashore on the island Kingdom of Daneth. You must find your way in a brutal and unforgiving world where nothing is black and white.

Deep and disturbing quandaries underpin the driving force of the game.

Code of the Savage is a no-holds-barred classic western style RPG. Inspired by the greats from the 80-90’s with a modern flair. There is a strong emphasis on player freedom through social and moral interactions… Will you choose to fire bomb the brothel, the church… Or both? Will you do it for money, glory or just because?

I think a problem with many of today's RPGs is that they expect you to know and care about their lore and backstory before you even take your first steps. In Code of the Savage, you and the main character are totally new to Daneth. So I don't want you to know the lore and backstory straight away. I want you to discover these things on your own terms as you play the game and interact with its inhabitants.

I wanted to create a role playing game that brought me back to my gamer days as a child on the C64 and MS-DOS PC. There is just something lacking in today's RPG's that I miss. Tired of micro-transactions, and randomly generated worlds; I am creating a world that is hand crafted with purpose. Essentially, I am creating the game that I want to play.

I believe one of the most important aspects of an RPG is the characters you meet in the game. I have therefore placed a great emphasis on NPC interaction. Each NPC in Code of The Savage has their own story, their own character portrait and a daily schedule. They will, go about their daily lives, going to work, eating and sleeping.

Level up your character and adventure forth to discover the treasures, history, and people of Daneth.

Visit the official website to sign up to the mailing list -

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  • Open world - A large open, seamless, non-linear, hand-crafted world for you to explore. Including day and night cycles, and weather.
  • Exploration - Discover towns, cities, hidden caves and dungeons. Unravel the rich lore of Daneth.
  • NPCs with depth - Meet a rich cast of NPCs with a dynamic branching conversation system. NPCs remember your name and react differently depending on the situation.
  • Dark themes - I don't hold back on what some may consider offensive content. If you're easily offended, Code of The Savage is probably not for you... This is not a "slay the dragon" and "save the princess" RPG.
  • Player freedom - There are various ways to progress through the game, with no right or wrong answers. Morality in Code of The Savage is not black and white. You decide what's right, and you decide what's wrong.
  • Adventure - Battle giants, undead and other creatures, hunt to gather resources, or go on a murderous rampage, the choice is yours.
  • Combat - Fast-paced dynamic combat system which is a mix between turn based and real time. Combat encounters happen in real time, without loading to a separate combat screen.
  • Inventory - An intuitive and easy to use inventory system. Any equipment and armour the player is wearing shows on their avatar.
  • Controls - Smooth grid-based movement. Easy and intuitive mouse and keyboard controls.
  • Fun - A familiar old school RPG game mechanic. Cast spells, hack, slash, level up, upgrade gear and kick ass!

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Hi all! I hope everyone is doing well.

I've made some big changes to several areas of the game. I also received lots of great feedback from the last demo. If you want to skip straight to the download:

CoTS alpha demo v0.460 download

Clicking and UI

I got a bit of feedback from multiple people telling me that the constant double clicking was getting annoying and after doing some testing, I completely agree... thus double clicking is no more. Now, to attack, open or interact with things it's one simple left click.

When clicking on an enemy to attack, a short drum sound is played. I'm hoping this will help prevent accidental attacking of NPCs you don't want to kill.

Also... containers now open at a fixed location on the screen instead of at the mouse cursor. They then cascade satisfyingly when multiple are opened.

Satisfyingly satisfying cascades


Crops have received a MUCH needed facelift. The original sprites were among the first I created for this game way back when development started. Now they at least resemble what they are meant to be...

I like to a bit of randomness to the way the sprites are shown, so that patterns are not as easily noticed.

Main menu/Save game system

I've gutted and re-written the main menu with a much more functional save game system. There are now multiple save slots. Each slot shows a small screenshot of the saved game as well as date/time info.

I've fixed many bugs and issues related to the save game system. There are still some that need squashing, but it will get there...

Open the menu by hitting [ESC].

Enemy NPC movement AI

I've updated the NPC enemy movement AI. Ranged units now try to keep a safe distance from the player while also remaining in pursuit. Melee units no longer line up single file waiting to attack the player, like a bad action flick from the 80s.

As you can hear in the video, I also updated the arrow sounds effects. I always like to have some variety in each sound, so there are 6 variations of the firing sound effect that play at random.

NPC Dialog/Frames/UI

The dialog now window has a fancy background, and I have added frames to NPC portraits. When in a dialog, the background fades to dark making it easier to focus on the conversation. NPCs will have different portrait frames depending on their social status, job etc.

Magic system

The magic system received a lot of attention this update.

Spell effects now show up on the stats page of the sidebar (try casting infliction on yourself).

Most of the spells now actually do what they say they do. (some still don't such as Charm beast, curse). Death grip now functions as advertised.

Spell damage now gets a bonus from the players INT attribute. Mana regeneration has also been added. The speed of which is also dependent upon the players INT.

I adjusted the look of various spell icons so that they more closely match the discipline they are part of. As well as improved sound effects of some spells.

I added an new spell "Burning Redemption" which cures the player of all negative effects at the cost of a small amount of health.

Lots of backend streamlining of how the magic system operates.

Combat system

Player stats now play a part in combat. STR adds a bonus to melee damage, and DEX adds a smaller damage bonus to ranged weapons. DEX also gives a small bonus to swing/firing speed.

The balancing of these bonus's will obviously need to be tweaked as the game evolves.

I also added an indicator on the stats button when the player levels up to remind you to increase your stat points.

Bonus's and resists now correctly display when hovering over an item. Elemental resists now also show on the sidebar stats page.

The Lich on Test Island is now a bit more of a challenge :)

Change log

  • Re-wrote the main menu
  • Removed double click, now single click to interact
  • Removed the tops of clouds, only shadow shows now
  • Fixed broken save game system
  • Added multiple save slots
  • Fixed NPCs doubling up when game loads
  • Added save game screenshot
  • Revamped crops
  • Updated arrow fire sound fx
  • Added art for dialog
  • Added rustling sound when walking over crops
  • Added fade to black on dialog
  • Added frames for NPC portraits
  • Updated protection spell sounds
  • Fixed stats page text orientation
  • Added "playereffect" to save system data
  • Added torch ignite and douse SFX
  • Modified colour of Divine Protection spell icon
  • Added divine protection effect animation
  • Updated many spell sound effects
  • Added burning redemption spell
  • Streamline enemy ranged attack script
  • Fixed strength spell crash on save
  • Fixed loader not initializing
  • Added effects objects and timers to save system
  • Add ranged enemy now keeps distance from player
  • Fixed enemy ranged attack timing
  • Cleanup texture pages
  • Added scarecrows
  • Fix objects blinking at edge of screen
  • Added strength spell effect
  • Fixed dialogue text going outside the dialogue window
  • Fixed saved items duplicating on load game
  • Fixed save system not initializing loader
  • Added spell effects to save system
  • Fixed health bar crash
  • Fixed NPC not grid snapped on load
  • Fixed corpse loot container changing on load
  • Fixed NPCs not setting correct sprite on load
  • Fixed start game crash from menu option
  • Added screenshot utility (F10)
  • Added fade from black on load game
  • Added mob spawner data to save game system
  • Fixed leg armour amount value being undefined on load
  • Fixed near enemy check crash
  • Take-all now closes the container
  • Added image orientation to save game
  • Revamped enemy chase AI
  • Fixed enemy freezing on load game
  • Fixed NPC getting stuck on rails in combat mode
  • Fixed enemy lining up horizontally when attacking player
  • Quick spell slots now show F1, F2, F3
  • Fixed stat button orientation
  • Fixed bonus stats not showing on hover over item
  • Disabled combat mode when teleporting to test town after dying
  • Spell effects re-written and enabled
  • Fixed crash on block shine object
  • Added STR, DEX, INT effect on damage and mana regen
  • Added gradual mana and health regen
  • Fixed avatar not updating when holding unequipped item
  • Containers cascade on screen when opened

Thanks everyone, until next time!


Demo download - Combat system update

Demo download - Combat system update

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Code of the Savages' combat system has been completely overhauled. The developer has made the demo public with a free download.

CoTS - Kickstarter update #6 - Dialogue interactions

CoTS - Kickstarter update #6 - Dialogue interactions


A quick update showing off the dialogue system and interplay between different characters.

Code of The Savage Kickstarter Launch - 26 July 2018

Code of The Savage Kickstarter Launch - 26 July 2018


Code of the Savage, a classic western style RPG is launching on Kickstarter!

Code of the Savage - Movement system overhaul

Code of the Savage - Movement system overhaul


Thanks to some great feedback, I have completely overhauled the old choppy movement system.


It's awesome. Keep it up!

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Eman333 Creator

I am in the middle of reworking the movement, So expect a new video in a week or so :)

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