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A short article detailing some information on the 0.1.7 release, and current mod state.

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So, I apologize for the very long wait, but I am finally getting ready to release an update! Hopefully I'll have it live in the next week or so, I'm doing a complete playthrough of the entire thing at this point. I have added a good many missions, hopefully resolving the cliffhanger to everyone's satisfaction! Also some general bug fixes and improvements on various earlier missions.

Currently there are three sections out of my planned six or seven finished, and my main problem is finding time to work on this project! Having a full time job sucks up a lot of time, and being a homeowner adds another layer of work as well. That being said, I still plan to finish this project, and I think I will be able to eventually! I have quite a few ideas on how to wrap things up, but they'll possibly change as things go along.

I have made the mistake of writing the missions for the ending of the story not once, but two times! And both times I've scrapped them because of story changes earlier on. Maybe I'll release the extra ideas as a sneak peek of what it was planned to be once I finally finish everything else! I tend to write what my mind is churning through at the current time, when I should just let it go until I get to that point in the story. Hopefully I've learned my lesson on that!

Anyway, sorry to ramble on, I just wanted to give you an update of where things stand. Hopefully there are still a few people interested in seeing where CMI ends up! And again, I apologize on the disappearing act, I'm going to try to keep up with things a little better if I can!

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