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Just a little info on what`s going on with the mod.

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Hello everyone.

So, I`m here to answer a question, which goes somewhat like this: "What the hell is going on with the silence and no V2 release you lazy ... ? "

The mod is in a good shape, but since I`m developing it alone, it takes time since I have to learn a lot of new things to make my ideas work. Then there are all kind of bugs, both those that Crytek left in the code and those made by me. The first case is especially annoying and sometimes impossible to fix. I mean, who would have thought that reading a text file, printing it on the screen as an menu element and the alt+tab to windows would result in a 3,5BG memory leak... like wtf???

Anyway, I`m working hard on making the wait worth it. Of course I`m always open to new ideas, both from users and current Far Cry mod devs. Without those I can only guess what to implement in my mod.

P.S: I`m thinking about a name change, since the project grew out of it`s small idea of being a simple mod with a minimap. Any ideas? Let me know.


Far Cry: Update :D

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Szczekus Author

I`m getting allergic to this word ;)
Added to the list anyway.

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>the alt+tab to windows would result in a 3,5BG memory leak... like wtf???

oh, maybe i do have forgotten to tell you: this bug happens as far as i have seen at w7 and not wxp (i could not test it in w8 and w10 ).
maybe it helps to avoid the bug. for example: are you 100% sure that you have closed the file after reading the string and are you sure you read it only 1 time ?
btw it's nearly impossible that its 3.5 gb, because on FC32 the 3gb switch for 64bit OS is not working, so the max addresssegmentation and space which the OS is giving to FC32.exe is 2gb at max. so it might be a serious OS error too, which is involved in that bug.

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