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We update from hell and we have a good/bad for everyone!!

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Woah! How long from the last update? I think a lot of time.

When I have created this mod, I didn't think about the computer games how a funny entertainment. Well I change this in my mod and it will be a funny game. I hate play computer games where you kill a lot of zombies and combine or what else.

Anyway this mod in his multiplayer will have a funny games: the first mode will be:

Map: Train Station

Player: 2-6

The objective is "fuck" your friends :) How? Well you will have a cuple of tools per example a pillow, or a graphic card, paintball guns. The ideea is make a funny match with you and your friends. In the maps you will find some traps, and a fake walls and boxes where you can find more things.

A train with a random speed wich will be changed alone every time.

The idea is make a match in 5 min.

I have more type of modes and I will explain in these days. I think maybe a lot of people will not like it, and I'm really sorry but I will do this mod because it's ideal for a nice funny moments :)

For the single player I will continue working on it ^^ so, don't worry about that but the multiplayer will be the first.

So I'm sorry i didn't post these weeks! I'm really busy with studies!!! :D

Sux Screens ;) and sorry for my sux english too <.<

I will post tomorrow Twitter and Blog to follow us :D So, stay tunned! We come back with more power than last time!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Where are the bad news and how is this an update from hell?

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