This mod will have 2 PARTS:

Multiplayer 4% done

10 MODES... hours of the best funniest time you have ever seen! :)

* Hide-and-seek, with a lammer guns ! :D and bears who carry beisbol bats!
* Balloon Pump, here a ballon with a bomb inside. You will need evade him because if it touch you, you will explode!
* Be spy, you play with 3 friend, everyone got a random gun, and you need infiltrate to enemy base and kill the boss. During the match you can kill your friend if you want :)
* Funny Match, Deathmatch but with a lot of a new things and make a new type of playing on deathmatch.
* Aim Train, here you and your friend upgrade your aim, who make less point, will die with a multiple forms :D


* Graphic Card
* Beisbol Bat
* "Fuet" (I will explain what is it)
* Pillows
* Paintball guns
* New type of mines
* Mouse (from the computer)
* Confetti

And much more, I'm thinking with more type of tools :)

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Mod name : Hard Party on City 17 (nice name(?))

When you start reading please, read with humor because this is a comedy mod :)


Hello, I am a citizen of many of City 17. Today on earth, after the incident in Black Mesa, where thanks to a fateful test, aliens or monsters also known as Xen and his friends invaded what would be the world.

Our precious hero Gordon Freeman, armed with his stick bought on the supermarket, he faced this horde of enemies, and by the way, why not, also did a cleanup of scientific personnel.

During these events, our current leaders appeared through a portal, as one enters through a door. They invaded us, they destroyed us, only with 7 hours.

Now we face an enemy worse than the aliens from Xen, Combines forces and finance and taxes, the threat comes from a former employee of a chain of …

The employee whose name is not known, threatens the land with an invasion with an unstoppable army of … toys! (In fact, he worked in a former toy store!)

Yes, as you read (T-o-y-s), infamous and diabolical toys armed with weapons of all kinds, from teddy bears with guns to the most terrifying wooden pony with a nuclear missile.

Facing this threat, there is a joint venture between Combines and humans, and thus was born: Laboratories Fat Dog. These are formed by the highest technology and disastrous both, so nothing can go right, but we do not lose hope!

These labs will be in charge of training and create true warriors who have no mercy to any toy, will be trained to death, which means that many of us do not survive from this training. Thus the adventure begins …

In case you wondered where is Gordon, well, actually he is taking a vacation, said that we were big enough to defending or so he thinks.

Release Mod will have 3 mode:

- Speed on City 17: A parody of the legendary movie Speed, where two busloads of subjects will have to face death to get survive.
- Death Match (provisional name): The typical death match we all know, well now with traps, and all weapons and dirty tricks to kill the other fellow.
- Aim Train: These Fat Dog in a laboratory, where there Aim to train in, and in all possible situations that may arise during the coming conflict. In addition to a place where there will be room paintball shot and conventional halls and many other things.

In addition, in the first phase of this mod, everyone join in servers and train his aim, with all modes, spy, deathmatch, Speed, aim train etc...

Because, 2 weeks after the realese, I will put the first levels of this mod. Let me explain.

This mod it's training to face the real enemy, (the toys). When the training is finished, there is a new maps with a story where everyone need fight versus the toys.

Per example, every week I will put a new campaing map to continue with the story :)

^^ Well thats all :) Thanks for track and read, have a nice day :)

PDD: Here is my first model with 3D MAx :) I'm learning to make a new models for this mod!!!! ^^

April Update

April Update

News 12 comments

April Update with a WIP video from the first map ^^

Update from hell

Update from hell

News 1 comment

We update from hell and we have a good/bad for everyone!!

Sunday update. New team mates.

Sunday update. New team mates.

News 13 comments

New team mates and new video from first map without the puzzle because it's a surprise. More details in content.

Update: We still allive! [EDIT NEWS]

Update: We still allive! [EDIT NEWS]

News 8 comments

We are still alive guys. I continue making this mod, people says want Singleplayer and another people wants multiplayer. Well I will make a SinglePlayer...

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Okay,you people want me to post constructive,damn right i will.

On the bright side:
The mapping (altrought still in DEV stage) is werry good.
The brushwork and general layout are nice.

On the dark side:
As for what i have read in the description,the various modes seem a bit strange and uninteresting. (but that might just be me)
Spelling mistakes. (im not sure if its intentional or not)
The lights in your map are too close to the brushes,try searching for some tuts on hammer lighting on youtube.
On the other side some areas in the map are too dark. (but its still in DEV state,so i expect that to be changed.

Probability of death 80%.

I will keep an eye on this.

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Yemlhalf Creator

Thanks for this constructive crit but I will resolve your doubts.

First, yes it's with Dev texture because I'm making the new textures so be patient I'm doing this more faster as I can.

About lighting, you are right, but I put light's everywhere to make visible this map so, don't worry about that :)

This is WIP map, now looks better, and have more optimitzated :)

This mod will don't die, :)

I thought I resolved all your doubts :) If I didn't do it, so repply and I will answer again.

About mistakes, I'm trying do my best.

Regards. :)

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Its okay,you answered all of my questions.
The mod itself sounds cool,i am tracking it.

Keep up the good work :)

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Yemlhalf Creator

People, can you see the last news??? :)

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Yemlhalf Creator

New Update :)

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Yemlhalf Creator

New Update :)

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this looks good

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