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An update, a very JUICY update regarding the Half-Life horror modification "Redridge". When I'm not fulfilling my role as a construction worker, a rogue traveling chef, a musician/singer, a husband and father - I am here, trying to give ya'll something to spook ya'.

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When I'm not fulfilling my role as a construction worker, a rogue traveling chef, a musician/singer, a husband and father - I am here, trying to give ya'll something to spook yourselves with...

It's hard to find the time, and it's hard to wear all those hats - especially if you're like me...which you aren't. (Trust me, that's a good thing.) To devote yourself so completely to a total-conversion single-player experience. Me and the boys have done it before, but not under such circumstances. My plate looks small in comparison to my illustrious teammates. Shepard is working for the French Government as a spy, Netoxy is involved in a high-end cheese smuggling ring and credit card theft outfit...Devan is running for congress and Zikshadow is developing the world's first full-dive VR experience complete with gratuitous anthro nudity. Me? I'm just trying to see how much vodka it takes to change someone's DNA. No cap. I digress...I'm going to shut up and show you some pretty pictures. The mean attention span of the average human no doubt has gotten even shorter than it was 6 years ago when I was posting these articles monthly; so here goes:


Okay, a lot to unpack here...that is quite the ass...But as usual it is FORBIDDEN! That is all I will say for now.

20230120230227 1

Distract yourselves by looking at this dork's shirt! Even for 1999 standards this is cringe. What was he trying to accomplish? You see the result of his endeavors here, though.

20230125230750 1

Okay, it ain't my design, but it sure is creepy. I will give credit where credit is due as these models sure set the vibe. Our protagonist is ready to forcefully shove some lead down their throats however. In the form of 00 Buckshot.

20230114001128 1

Davis lays down the law on some undead horses!

20230114001450 1

Now that's a busy farm! ...Just not busy in a very pleasant way.

20230126204120 1

Whoever this was...I'd say they are history. Turn the flusher and let them go.

20230202220759 1

Look at ths though! How dare this monster breathe fire into your face?! You should do something about it.

20230320214354 1

Louis Meats has REALLY gone downhill...

20230320214419 1

Really unsanitary...

20230125230905 1

A little ordnance in your junkyard?

20230320214510 1

On this small island lies your destiny!

SweetRamona - - 5,126 comments

Looks good as usual! 😺

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Aynekko - - 671 comments

That *** is JUICY I can agree with that.
Everything looking good so far!

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Krychur - - 991 comments

man **** that monster for breathing fire. he ought to have a rocket fly in his direction for such a heinous crime! in all seriousness though, I'm quite intrigued by the horse. I remember some early Half-Rats: Parasomnia media featuring them and I'm quite interested in seeing them return. even if only as a monster.

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FlippedOutKyrii - - 3,533 comments

Firebreathing Monsters? Sign me up! Can't wait to see what Design you gave the Gargantua ;D

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