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SUMMARY This came out a bit later than exepected, but we ran into some small bugs with the fuses, and had to put a workaround in place. Otherwise there's a mix of random stuff fixed and tweaked, while Slot Save/Loading still MIA:steamsad:. and pushed to Hotfix #9...

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**Please note: Your Options Settings on your watch may have changed, please check them prior to playing!**

  • AutoLift does not affected the cellphone anymore
  • Toggle Grip disengages on Coins/Fuses/FuseBoxes and Melee breaks now (if there are other items that Toggle Grip doesn't disengage properly other than by running away, let me know)
  • Fixed a crash that was occuring with the TV (which also seems to have fixed crashes that were occurring outside the Apartment, if so, woohoo, if not let me know)
  • Interim Saving (between levels) is functional (with a few bugs, duplication of keycards in backpack and doesn't save held items (yet)), will fix in next update
  • Fuses not appearing in Garage to do Fuse Minigame (now have searchables to look for and grab them)
  • Grenade no longer able to be grabbed from Clean Apartment using Arcade Machine quarters
  • Invisible Zombies no more
  • No longer able to walk through vending machine and wife's car
  • Performance is vastly improved in City map (Garage area)
  • Various attack animations cleaned up
  • Loading Doors are no longer able to be destroyed
  • Riot Zombie now able to be killed with melee
  • No longer able to slot items into backpack that's closed


  • The beginnings of the Slot Save/Load was started: Going back and forth with my Twitch audience, we came up with a neat idea about how to do Slot Saving, inspired by Resident Evil’s Ribbon/Typewriter save system, we’ll be using Lighters and Candles. Eventually, the lighter will have lighter fluid that you’ll have to scavenge about for fuel so that you can save your game (trolllol:steammocking:, nah, but that would have been funny).


  • City Map (Post Apartment) care package removed since Interim saving is back, while there's a few new items to look out for.
  • Added some more tooltips in the Starting Apartment for more clarity on some things that new players were having issues with.


  • Save/Load Game system (Hotfix #9 now) :steamsad::steamsad: will be worth doing it right the first time rather than something buggy.
  • Interim Saving (between levels), duplicates Keycards sometimes.
  • Interim Saving does not allow saving of held items (so don't hold onto anything between levels)

:steamhappy: Please report any bugs on the Steam subforum: Bugs, on Discord or jump on Twitch and tell me!

Also please consider editing your reviews to reflect the current state of the game, thanks everyone! Stay tuned for Hotfix#9 as well as our first Content Update, coming soon! :steamhappy:

As always don't forget to follow and jump onto Twitch: where I am usually live streaming development of the game and join us on Discord: and join over 1400 fellow Survivors in chat!

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