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A short update on the current progress on Half-Alive

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Last update was February! Wow its been a while.. Well, I want to be fully honest with everyone, not much has been done on Half-Alive recently. Been sort of taking a break from working on it. Without help on the face-posing, and trying to think of creative ways of pushing the story along, and then actually building those things in hammer got me a tad burnt out. But I'm back. I decided the first thing I need to get done is any face-posing that's been piling up since the first builds of the game. So I got face-poser working and as of writing this, I am currently working on chipping away at voice lines. Once this is done I can't wait to get back into map making, so this game can get closer to actually releasing.

I just wanted to make a bit of a status update to re-assure anyone that the game hasn't been abandoned. I think about wanting to get stuff done all the time, I really want this to come out good, but since I'm practically the only one working on the game, I want to take breaks, this one just took a very long time!

I'm hoping to release some sort of playable version of the game soon, been tinkering with the idea of an episode system of sorts. But nothing is final yet. See you all again hopefully soon with another status update!

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