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So another update, more about the process`s so far, the animation work and whats going on currently in development.

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Hello again everyone!

Its nice to be giving a slightly bigger update this time, alots gone on inside and outside of development, and I have yet again been picking up pace on animating things to go in the final OVA, in this update I am going to detail whats been going on since last time, and also how development is going so far, whilst hopefully not spoiling too much (this will include some pictures).

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Fight Scene Dev Picture #1


So currently I dont have a job again *sigh*, thats whats going on outside of development the place I was working (doing voluntary stuff) for was not straight with me and thus kept eluding as to weather I had a job or not, and at the end I was pressured by the job center to leave as they said I was being taken advantage of, long story cut short now though.

So me being without a job, frees up some time to look for other jobs, but importantly gives me more time to experiment with my animations, so now its all about getting them to look right and flow right, so that I can make everything look great.

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Fight Scene Dev Picture #2

What am I currently up to in dev?

Well... I have been trying to get the hang of animating for quite a while now practicing various animations which I have uploaded over time, but now I am condensing them into one huge animated fight.

See in my original videos in Unreal what would happen is, I would animated each part seperately and then import it into UDK and control each bit of motion through Kismet, but because I have`nt used the animation tree so much it means that if you go back and watch my stuff its all very stiff and doesnt flow well, plus I didnt really experiment, do rough drafts, or do concept scenes to see if it all looked good, instead what I used to do was just come up with it all in my head and then produce it.

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Fight Scene Dev Picture #3

So instead after taking Montys advice to heart, what I am currently doing is creating it all in 3d first to see how its gonna look, kinda like a mock up, then when its how I like it I will put it all into UDK, things are going well with the major fight scene at the moment, doing things this way makes it alot easier for me to focus on small individual parts easily and get them looking how I want before I do anything else.

In the pannel at Anime Boston 2010 Monty did mention he does individual layer rendering, which I am currently throwing around in my head, because if I can get stuff to render quicker and less laggy in UDK eventually by doing everything as individual parts say like...


And split it up into parts like that and render each out with the same camera motion, and then do any tweaking I need to do outside of UDK, then hopefully the over all thing should look alot smoother.

Like I said I am just playing around with these concepts, and I dont want to show off too much cause I did give alot away over the past year in the test videos, and thus had to go with a completely new script as I had shown off practically all of the action, so I am only giving out what I can in small pieces.

I just want to finish off by saying thanks to everyone so far for being patient with my development, like I have previously stated many times this entire project is about learning and development and sure things get in the way of that some times, but I am thankfull that everyone is patient enough to keep watching and waiting for any new developments.

Till next update
-Dave :D

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