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The regular updates become irregular and unexpected! Oh and also there's some more progress done. And what's this? An opportunity to join the team has arrived?

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Hello! Things have been very quiet ever since christmas. But once again in order to keep people out of the dark, I wanted to update you all on the current progress. I am starting work on the fifth out of REDACTED chapters, and so far things are coming out very well. Fixed up some old maps, worked on the new ones, fixed the new ones, and recently I decided to go back on the current voice lines in the game. I meant to get most of them done a few chapters ago, but some things have prevented me from doing so. Now that I have re-recorded some lines I've ran into a bigger issue. I have no version of Faceposer that I have that works.

So to any other mod makers out there who have worked with Faceposer, would anyone like to help out a bit? I would like to recruit someone to join the team, this would also give you early access to the current builds of the game. Note, I am not asking for beta testers, if you want to join it would be nice if you knew how to use Faceposer. If you are interested in helping out, please reach out to me in the comments for this post, or send me a message through my profile.

As for other news, I will try to keep everyone posted more often as progress is made. I appreciate the feedback I've gotten over the time I've worked on this, and if you have any more feel free to leave a comment. For now though, see you all next update!

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