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Nikita Ivanovich Aleksandr sends his regards. Kwai got his autograph as well.

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'Amazing' narrative here:

General Kwai was frustrated. Even with his modded tanks, they were still proving ineffective against the GLA. He needed something better, but more importantly, he needed input from other Generals. A new kind of tank was required, one immune to Dr. Thrax's pretty pink chemicals, and impervious to Tao's vast fields of radiation. It needed armor, and lots of it. It needed a cannon capable of ruining the enemy from a safe distance. Kwai put his request out to Chinese Allies. In no time at all, China's northern ally replied with an offer. With a bit of modifications and shipping, Aleksandr had just the thing: Object 279 'Golem'

Important PSA for Update 6! From this update onwards, !Shw_Textures.gib is required to play. Installation remains the same copy/paste.

Update list:

Basic things that aren't really important:

  • Improved geometry on various superweapons such as Soyuz, Temple of Gaia and Scud Storms.
  • Soyuz Missile has the most satisfying geometry. (The red 'cant build here' square.)

All USA Factions:

  • Added a Fancy Limo you can buy from the War Factory.
  • It's basically worthless.
  • Holds 12 infantry. Units inside are healed with mixed drinks.
  • Limo is very fast so I guess there's a tactic where you dump 12 infantry in and drop them off.


  • Catching word of Kwai's new investment, a desperate attempt was made.
  • Raptors and Comanche's are armed with EMP missiles.

All Chinese Factions:

  • Elite infantry unit! Officer!
  • Officers have several special abilities; Ranging from planting Timed Charges, to Minefields!
  • Officers are the weakest Elite Infantry, but are stealth as long as they aren't taking damage.
  • Officers vary slightly per faction with China Vanilla having the default Officer.
  • China Nuke: Officer benefits from Radiation Suits and Munitions upgrade. (It makes infantry melt!)
  • China Tank: Armed with a special type of armor piercing bullet. Deals more damage against tanks.
  • China Infantry: Pistol fires faster. The fastest gun in the east!
  • Special Weapons: Spec Ops Package upgrade. Adds Hazmat suit (immune to radiation and toxins), stealth detection, gun upgrades and a 'Neutron Bomb' charge to kill vehicle crews.
  • Important: All abilities have short range and take 1 second to activate. User discretion is advised.

China Tank:

  • Emperor Tank replaced with nightmare fuel.
  • Object 279 'Golem' has entered the fight.
  • What mod is this again?
  • Main cannon has improved range and damage. Out-ranges your puny bunkers.
  • Shtora works as intended. AI also uses Shtora! The Magic of Modules! (c)
  • Golem benefits from Reactive Armor, horde, shells and nuke tank upgrades.
  • It takes 3 Main Battle Tanks to destroy 1 Golem. Shtora usage not included.
  • Main Battle Tanks created at Vet 1 now.
  • Main Battle Tanks are faster when damaged. New locomotor allows them to drive in reverse.
  • Golem Tanks are VERY VERY SLOW. Ye with little patience be warned.
  • New infantry! Ramjet Tank Hunter! Armed with a Ramjet Missile Launcher.
  • Has improved range and damage, but can no longer attack aircraft :(
  • Outpost benefits from Reactive Armor.
  • Tank Artillery Drop changed to HALO Tank Drop. You can guess what it does.

China Infantry:

  • Siege Soldiers get a new type of shell ability. "Landmine Shell"
  • It is as annoying as you think.
  • Works like the Flares ability. Pick a spot and drop a small cluster mine shell onto it. Explodes and lays a small number of mines around that area.

China Nuke:

  • [SSNR Intensifies]
  • Nuke Migs and Bombers effectively start with Nuke Migs upgrade.
  • Purchasing the Nuke Migs Upgrade adds SSNR warheads to them.
  • Nuke Migs create a SSNR, same requirements as a Firestorm.
  • Bombers create a SSNR with a single full payload onto a small target area.
  • Siege Soldiers benefit from the Munitions upgrade.
  • Siege Soldiers create a SSNR with a lot of shells onto a small area.

GLA Factions:

  • Added Airpad to all factions that didn't have it. Biplanes have a flavor per faction.

GLA Demo:

  • Bomb Trucks start at Vet 2. It does nothing.
  • Bomb Truck engine upgraded to a V12.
  • Biplane flavor: Better grenade damage. Demo Paradrop x2. Sparka AA weapon included.


  • Biplane flavor: Grenades make toxin. Demo Paradrop drops a full size Toxin Demo Trap. Beware, the explosion radius is enough to damage the plane if it flies over! Python AA weapon included.
  • GLA Bomber flavor: Less damage but leaves lots of toxins. Upgrades available. Benefits from the Nerve Gas upgrade, unlocking a new weapon/terrorist skydiver.

GLA Stealth:

  • Biplanes are stealthed.
  • As per request, Convoy Truck is now a parttime soup truck. Heals units around itself with freshly made meals. Freshly made meals inspire troops to fight harder as well.

So, uh... did you get permission from Rise of Reds mod team or something to use their model? Or did you, like, procure an old public model or something?

Surprised Limo is US and not GLA, I imagine GLA could have some fun using those as alternative battle buses.

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Splinterus Author

Yeah. I should probably add a preface that explains that SWR already knows about this mod, and they're cool with it, to avoid any confusion. Obviously all the models, voices and stuff were made by them (or EA), I take no credit for anything because I'm far too stupid to do anything comparable to SWR.

The only problem with using the Limo as an alternative battle bus is that the model itself doesn't have any fireports, so if infantry inside fire, the shots originate from the center of the model and not one of the windows. It's mainly just a visual derp, but it can effect rockets since they are fired basically 1 inch off the ground.

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Would it be, then, possible to combine Troop Crawler's attack triggering infantry deployment and order issuing with GLA suicide vehicle detonation, so upon receiving an attack order the vehicle would charge the enemy, drop the infantry when within specific range, and then detonate at point blank? Or at least have all the infantry survive the detonation unharmed and just leap out of the wreck right after explosion? I imagine you can, if what, use the Deathstrike limo for this, from first ZH GLA mission? It even comes with the GLA flags and all.

Also, if you're recycling the campaign and neutral units, any chance of UN humvee variant with code borrowed from Golem's Shtora, and/or potentially leaflet drop-esque AoE enemy stunning, as some late game US support unit?

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Splinterus Author

Hm, off the top of my head I'm not sure. As far as I know, the Troop Crawler uses a weapon to deploy the troops inside, so the weapon range determines how far away the transport is when deploying the Red Guards. I'd have to test, but maybe if I add a secondary suicide weapon it'll work. If that works as intended, the troops would be deployed at a specific range, and the vehicle would drive into the target to suicide using the secondary weapon. But this is Zero Hour, and sometimes logic just doesn't work.
If that doesn't work then just changing the "DamagePercentToUnits" to 0% would have the vehicle explode and the infantry inside come out unharmed.

Superweapon General gets an Advanced Humvee that uses the UN Humvee model. I think I have 1 slot left for Upgrades as well. (128 upgrade limit sadly). Perhaps I can add a Shtora-esque upgrade for the USA factions.

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