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Greetings, witches! We are very much alive and ready to start showing you our improvements over the coming month. We thought we'd start off with an art discussion.

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Greetings, witches!

We are alive indeed! We've been working improving the game based on the feedback we got from our Technical Demo V.0.1. We hope you enjoyed it, even if filled with tasty, juicy bugs and whatnot.

The Sun is shining bright, and we thought we'd start off this spring with showing a bit of Artwork we've been working on. As well as discussing it with you. First and foremost, the most important aspect of the game:
The Alchemist.

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The Alchemist or, as known to the villagers, the "witch" finding a new ingredient to brew with out in the forest.

Something we strive toward when making Whimsical Witchery, is the feeling of exploration and the reward of it. Like many games, it is a dream to be able to make the player happy and content with the amount provided. This, of course, is seldom the case. It is like claiming that you are in fact not a witch to the town priest who called just called you one. With Whimsical Witchery, we instead aim toward the joy of finding new ingredients in the weirdest places. As well as giving you, the player, the feeling of finding something unique and getting to brew all kinds of trouble with it.

witch concepts 2

Some of the earliest concepts of different alchemists.

witch concepts 1

Different clothing concepts, as well as body forms.

So when it comes to artstyle we're going for a cartoon-like and colourful aesthetic. This combined with the fact that we aim to have an early 1700's swedish style to our environment. This is yet to be represented in the technical demo, as most of it is based on placeholders. We want to deliver something besides the "ordinary" fantasy-setting. This is seen in both the example above, as well as the figure below. The Alchemists' design is more outstanding in the literal sense, than the villagers.

concept npc earlysketch

Very early villager concepts.

When it comes to the villagers. We want to work with contrasts. In fact, contrast is somewhat of a keyword for the game. We want it to deliver that special, comical punch that only a well written contrast can describe. To this end, we take a lot of inspiration from Disney and similar animation studios and their work with the concept of contrast in characters.

witch gearconcept1

The Alchemist with clothes for a frostier frontier. And speaking of frostier frontiers:

snowy mountains concept1

The Alchemist finding one of the runestones of the world. Acting as a sort of checkpoint and warning that there are challenging times ahead.

That's it for now. Stay tuned in the coming weeks. We have some great stuff to share with you!
Until then:
Brew safely, witches!

MobimiGames - - 49 comments

WOW! The art looks amazing! Congrats!

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cutiesbae - - 3 comments

That's so cool! Good job guys!

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