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HOPEFULLY this is the last update telling you whats left to do.

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Hello again to all our wonderful fans.
Ozzy667 here

I have been feeling like we are close to the finish line on this project. Things are being crossed off the list at a pretty steady pace and the whole team is working on certain projects. Almost no new bugs have been added to the list and old bugs are slowly being crossed off. I unfortunately had to take several weeks off while we moved in to a new house but I am back to work. I am going to work on updating the unit list with the non playable factions units so all of you can see what units are in game.

On the same note we have added another faction to the mod for a more accurate depiction of the war.
The Council of neutral systems. These planets are not part of the war and include Rendelli, Naboo, Mandalore, Corellia, Bothuwai and Alderaan. Now as far as game play function goes they actually aligned with the Republic but they will not attack anyone. The reason for this is the Republic never attacks neutral worlds only comes to their aid if the CIS invade or gain influence. So therefore the CIS must take a neutral world before the Republic can. The Neutral worlds are defended in space by Corellian warships and Naboo also has its N-1 fighters. On ground they will have several pre Clone Wars defense units including their own security forces. These forces are no joke. The Corellian Destroyer can easily defeat a Munificent Star Frigate.

Now for the List. Bugs that have been fixed have been removed from the list however some of the bugs left on the list are not verified as being true bugs as opposed to glitches or intended game play changes made by the reporting person. The bug list was 3 times longer when we started the list.

@ = Completed item

MODELS and Skins

-AAT - Texture
-CIS Defense base
-Onderon structures SKINNED
-Various skin improvements and model improvements
-ATTE (possibly)
-Pod walker improved
-Omega Squad skin (niner done)
-Utapau Props
-Lucrehulk Death
@-HAG Improved
@-Thule energy farm

Icons Needed

-Tactical droid
@-Super Tactical droid
-CW style Venator
-Omega Squad
-Kul Teska
-Darth Maul
@-Sora Bulq
-Serra Keto
-Cin Drallig
@-Rebel Trooper

-Mandalore Load Icon


-Mechis III
-Lola Sayu
-Polis Massa
-Utapau improved
@- Cartao
@-Rishi Moon outpost
-Good Ground areas and infantry areas added to all maps


-fleet commanders and field commanders spawn
-Planet owner icon
@-Hutt cruiser
-Tech tree and unit pricing adjusted
-GC and unit spawns finished
@-AI finished
-Darth Maul
@-CIS AV turret
-Neutral Faction (almost done)
@-Delta squad third ability (cancelled)
-Planetary upgrades (Ozzy)(Line 3580 of 7500)
-Omega Squad
-Serra Kato
@-Sora Bulq
@-Republic Battleship
-Lvl 1 Republic station - Acclamator
-snow trooper restriction
-Advisor speech
@-Land battle camera position
@-Replace Bacta tank turrets
-Skirmish units coded


-Naboo security description
-Functional Base layout map
-On Kamino, after researching tech two, another cloning facility is available to be constructed for "1" credit.
- rishi moon.. republic troops were stuck in the walls/ all troops could fire through the walls... victory trigger seemed to be missing (cleared map and all)
- text missing for objective 2 on many maps (that tells you if natives are on your side or not)
-Tatooine land map appears to be having a white passable transparent barrier in the middle of the map.
-Rep space station lvls 1 and 2 have too big difference. Lvl 2 has 10 times more hard points than lvl 1.
-Jedis can't deflect fire from droids very well. Anakin was killed by only two squads of B1.

-the arf trooper (from destroyed at rt) cloak wouldnt work
-Hypervelocity cannon is too weak. It can't take down the shields of the Munificent and only destroy two hardpoints when the shield is down.
-With lots of units in game at once the GUI starts to get buggy
-Republic bombing run is too low. They will constantly pass through buildings.
-Everything on Sarapin is cheaper for some reason.
-Tech upgrade level 2 is buildable twice.
-Level 2 spacestation is bugged when you look at it from GC window.
-Republic level 2 space station too powerful. Able to single handedly take on 7 municient frigates.
-Rishi moon outpost GC model has model glitches when zoomed in.
- rishi moon.. republic troops were stuck in the walls/ all troops could fire through the walls... victory trigger seemed to be missing (cleared map and all)
-Bacara has no walking animation
-SBD coming with the droid commander wrong icon
-Mygeeto spawn bug
-Ashoka blue saber
-The Mando Jedi freezes sometimes during running
-Neutralize hero seems to remove the hero who neutralized them
- Delta Squad does not re spawn after being eliminated (Not sure if intentional)
- All Transports cannot be targeted (Old Issue)
- Some Republic Transports in space (I believe its the LAAT/i) have symbols underneath them (Like Heroes/Clone) however they remains stationary instead of moving with the unit
- The spawn zones on Ruusan are poor. AI is able to spawn directly next to the Player spawn zone and annihilate their force.
- GC The Clone Wars Tech 1 has an spelling error within the text box in the bottom right corner - "pursueing"
- LAAT is capped to hold only 4 troops yet still allows additional troops in. If more than 4 troops enter the LAAT it will not leave the ground
-Savage oppress will not attack buildings. Update: Seems he will attack. but 90% of the time he stands there.
-Missing text for a explosive fuel tank prop.
-Snow clones freezing at LZ
-Battledroid firing animation brings the blaster inside the droid chasis.
-Collision meshes on most buildings and some props being ignored by turrents and infantry shooting through walls and buildings
-Security training facility deathclone is the barracks death clone.

-Courag text, odd symbols
-christofolis land texture missing
-Geonosis also named kamino
-Quinlan vos has asokas voice (This amused me for 5 minutes then got damn annoying)
-Slight text invert with captain rex
-Jedi knight minor hero missing death animation
-General grevious seems a little week. Almost took him out with a single jedi knight.
-Twilight skin seems a little poor, unsure if the bumpmap is glitchy or even done.
-skirmish tech level research stopped after 3rd... missing heavy troops and heavy gunner ?
-"Whats the plan master" For anakin also has the same problem.
-Clones wont enter AT-TE after a certain point.
-Kenobi has a slight texture glitch.
-Obi wans and Aaylas movement seems wrong like their constipated (Best description I could think of.. oh or they are walking like penguins)
-92 population cap. 100 pop cap capture points.
-CIS buildings dont have a death model... yet
-Z-95 headhunter has a missing texture
-The 212th ph.2 commander spawn as 501th, and has no animation(srry for the bad screenshot)
-Is something wrong whit Dathomir description?
-Space officer gives infantry bonus???
-The heavy gunner missing texture for some reason only on Mygeeto
-Phase 2 Captan Rex don't take cover
-Clone trooper Phase 2 tech image missing
-Republic light cruiser (cr-90) don't fire
-Boss don't have Walk animation with cover abilitie
-IA bug : the clones always go to the ennemy and don't return
-Animations missing for Cold Trooper
-Freeze game when Malevolence fight against you
-drop troopers from the LA-AT force the game some kind of restart every
-General greivious buildable at tech level 2

Niner Skirata
Niner Skirata

The Dark Maul that you add, is the cyborg one ?

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No Dark, is Darth.

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The Darth title was changed in France, beacuse it sounded like a word that I can't remember.
Darth Vader is therefore Dark Vader in France.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Niner Skirata
Niner Skirata

They changed it into "Vador" too

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes


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O: You're adding Kul Teska?!


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For savage not attacking buildings ive had that problem with other units in the game in general, I think its just a game bug. But it can be remedied by manually moving the unit closer then re attacking.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Sometimes when you did that over and over, the Jedi just freezes.

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Ozzy667 Author

Its actually a lack of animation issue or for some they just were not coded to attack them yet.

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This mod is going to be amazing, just wanted to say a big thank you to you and your team for doing this! And I have an idea, could you move troops into cover ( like in halo wars ) so they have like a destroyed ATTE they can hide and shoot behind? but I don’t know if you could do it but I was just wondering, Keep the good work up!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

cant wait for it to be fully completed so i can play it.

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Am I the only one who finds it funny that the snow clones are freezing?

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Do you plan to change the aleigence of the local populations? The wookiees fighting for the CIS really bugs me xD Great mod though!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

when do you think you will release an/the update for this mod?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Ozzy667 Author

Was just thinking about doing that in the next few days.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

so should we be expecting this in under a week? or more? I cant really wait till it is completed fully

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