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WHAT'S NEW?! 🔥A new boss: The Golem ⚔️ New weapon type - Spears - with 3 variants: stone, bone, and metal. 🏝️ Several new islands: 3 medium and 2 small. ⚗️ 3 new combat potions which cure and grant temporary protection from harmful effects: poison, fire, and cold. ⚒️ 3 new building modules: roof corner, inverted roof corner, and inverted gable.

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Golems are powerful, profane creatures. Born of the Faceless’ dark energy, they were thought to disappear after the demise of the dragons. Yet one of them still remains.
Somewhere in the Astral, this mighty giant slumbers, guarding the portal core of the Dragon’s Grove.

  • New location: Hollow Golem.
  • New boss: The Golem.
  • New Steam achievement: Defeat the Golem.
  • Dragon’s Grove story arc finale.
  • As a reward for defeating the Golem, you will receive an enchanting station blueprint, which will become available in the next update.

Future updates may bring changes to the Golem’s behavior based on feedback.


Spear is a perfect weapon for those who want to hold their opponents at a medium range - not too close, and not too far. However, if a Cursed isn’t content with the distance between you two and tries to get away - politely inform him that you’d like him to stay.. by throwing a spear at his back.

  • New weapon type: spear.
  • 3 varieties: stone, bone and metal.
  • Spear blueprints can be purchased from Bonehead and Blacksmith.


Do you feel hot all of the sudden? Or, perhaps, your body permeates with cold? Did you have “something wrong” for breakfast? Hurry to Woodhead! He has brand new recipes in stock: remedies for poisons, heat and cold!

  • 3 new combat potions, which cure and grant brief protection from negative effects: poison, fire and cold.


Dragon’s Grove has gained 5 new picturesque islands, ready to be discovered and claimed.

  • New islands: 3 medium and 2 small.
  • 2 new Rituals.


We get plenty of feedback and ideas from our players. Some of those are included in this update:

  • Added new building modules:
    1. Roof corner.
    2. Inverted roof corner.
    3. Inverted gable.
  • Introduced new “floating floor” module type. It’s functionality may see some changes based on the feedback.
  • Halved the furnace’s resource production time. It is now as follows:
    1. Stone block - 1 minute.
    2. Iron ingot - 3 minutes.
    3. Mithril ingot - 5 minutes.
  • Reduced the alchemic pot’s potion production time:
    1. Simple potions - 1 minute.
    2. Combat potions - 2.5 minutes.
  • Increased the carry weight for backpacks:
    1. Woven backpack by 50.
    2. Leather backpack by 150.

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