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After 5 months of work (since Absolute War was released at any rate), I am finally ready to release my Absolute Battlefront: Galactic Conquest Mod! Coming this Saturday 17th July at 07:00 PDT / 10:00 EDT / 15:00 BST / 16:00 CEST !

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EDIT: OUT NOW! Download links here:

Absolute Battlefront: The Clone Wars

Absolute Battlefront: Galactic Civil War

It's been a very long time coming, and I'm very grateful to you all for your patience in giving me these extra few weeks to finish off the mod. With that said, I'm very excited to announce that I will be releasing this mod on Saturday! It's been over a year now since I started modding Star Wars Battlefront 2, and while I started off trying to create a map (I have a Lah'Mu map that, you never know, I may go back to work on someday), most of my time has been spent on Galactic Conquest modding.

Why am I releasing it on Saturday and not right away? Well, I'm actually still testing it! Just today I've found a couple more bugs that needed squashing, so I want to get it as complete as I can before releasing it. Absolute Battlefront is a culmination of everything I have learnt since I started last year. But beyond that, I also see it as a celebration of the work of the wider modding community. I wouldn't have been able to make this Galactic Conquest if it wasn't for the brilliant mod maps that people have made over the year. I've said it before, and I repeat it several times within the mod, but the creators of the individual maps deserve the full credit for their work, and I am simply hosting them within my mod.

custom gc files

Here are the highlights that will be present across the whole mod:

- Each planet location is correct based on
- Each planet has a unique model design, camera zoom effect and capital ship positions
- The Yavin model that plagues most custom galactic conquests has been fixed
- Disabled the enemy team from buying bonuses that will have no effect on them

On Saturday, there will be three files choices to download.

Absolute Battlefront: Galactic Civil War
There is not all that much change between this and my original Absolute War mod from a few months ago. I have not added or removed any maps. A few of the maps also appear in the Clone Wars version, and I considered removing them from this to make them more balanced in terms of planet numbers, but then I decided I didn't see the point in making the project smaller. Most of what has changed is some behind the scenes tech stuff to make it more stable, along with some planets moving to be more accurately represented on the map.

The single "custom_gc_##" file will allow you to play TWO galactic conquests (and unless I'm much mistaken, this is a first for Battlefront 2 mods), namely these will be "Absolute Battlefront: Rebels" and "Absolute Battlefront: Empire". The latter of these was formally called "Absolute Imperial War", however there seemed to be a lot of confusion around this name, with people unsure of what era this would be set in. I want to make it clear that this mod uses standard vanilla GCW era units only (unless the original map publishers did something special with their maps). Hopefully these new names will make it clearer.

Other highlights include:

- 38 unique planets, only 11 of which are stock planets
- Includes 48 maps, including the 3 space maps and 9 stock maps
- Dantooine, Rhen Var and Yavin all have multiple map options

Absolute Battlefront: Clone Wars
This is the brand new Galactic Conquest with all new (well, old, but new for Absolute Battlefront) mod maps and planets. On top of supporting 39 maps across 31 planets, as previously announced in update #1 this mod will also uniquely support 2 side mods, which will be entirely optional but will add to the fun. These are:

  • Harrisonfog's Improved Sides Mod 2.1 + Skin Changer BETA
  • Benoz's Clone Wars Era Mod v1.0

Like the GCW version, this galactic conquest "custom_gc_##" file will be a single file hosting two versions of the galactic conquest: "Absolute Battlefront: Republic" and "Absolute Battlefront: CIS". With the two side mods, that means there are technically 6 different versions of this GC available to play!

Other highlights include:

- 31 unique planets, of which 12 are stock planets
- Includes 39 maps, including the 3 space maps and 4 stock maps
- Every map has a custom loadscreen and AI hero support
- Community made heroes: the REP side features a total of 17 hero characters, while the CIS side has 12
- Most maps have had a rebalancing of the AI to increase difficulty slightly, to make it slightly more challenging without becoming frustratingly so
- Boz Pity, Coruscant, Kamino, Naboo, Rhen Var, Saleucami and Taris all have multiple map options

Load screen

Absolute Battlefront: 2K Planet Models
Both of the mods will come with custom planet models in HD for all planets (except Mustafar, Coruscant and the Death Star + Death Star II). However, there will be an optional 2K planet model download for those that wish to have it, such as if you play the game on a 4K or high resolution screen. These were originally going to be the standard models, but after looking at how much memory space they took up compared to how little difference they made visually (on my screen at least) I decided HD would be the standard way to go. But as I'd already made them in 2K, I didn't want to discard them, so they will be uploaded separately and you can choose to have them if you wish.



Mods to be downloaded

Before you download any of these, THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT: I'd hoped that all the mod maps for Absolute Battlefront would be able to go into one addon folder and the game still function (i.e. not hit the 500 mission limit). Unfortunately there's just too many maps here. So you will need to create an addon folder for just the Galactic Civil War era, and an addon folder for just the Clone Wars era, and name whichever one you plan on playing at the time to 'addon' while calling the other one something like 'addon-ABCW' or however you structure your addon folders. This is why I decided to have 2 different "custom_gc" files and separate this mod into two downloads: it wasn't because my files couldn't handle it, but a fundamental flaw in the game setup.

Absolute Battlefront: Galactic Civil War

'Battlefront 2 Remaster Installer' latest version (contains Bespin) by HarrisonFog:
* At minimum, you need the lastest version of GCW Space, found here:

ADS - Aquilaris: Deep Sea
'Rebel Ops Mission 1' by Maveritchell:

CMT & ILF - Corellia and Ilum
'Natural Mappack' (you only need ILF & CMT, though the others are good too) by TK432:

AOD - 'Pharosis' by A_Speck_of_Dust:

ASL - 'Bakura: Town Assault' by PaNzEr gsp:

CAT - 'Cato Neimoidia (PSP Elite Squadron Conversion)' by Teancum:

CHA - 'Chandrila (Jedi Academy Conversion)' by Teancum:

CX1 - 'Coruscant: Palpatine's Office' by RepSharpshooter:

DKP - 'Dantooine: Khoonda Plains (KotOR II conversion)' by Teancum:

DLC_XBOX & UPDATE_XBOX - 'BF1 Conversions' by iamastupid:

DQ3 - 'Raxus Prime' by -|IC|-Delinquent_GER:

DRB - 'Dantooine: Rebel Base' by Jaspo:

ETR - 'Death Star II (Emperor's Throne Room)' by Maveritchell:

ITT - 'Taris: Into The Sea' by Warlord81:

KES - 'Kessel: Infiltration' by the1&only_Dasher:

KTH - 'Kothlis: Sea Haven' by FelipeGabe:

LZX - 'Lotashi Z: X Province' by a_speck_of_dust based on SWBF1 map by ICD3linqu3nt:

MLC - 'Malachor: Ruins' by prichard:

MOS - 'Mos Eisley Spaceport' by Rends:

NEL - 'Nelvaan: Village' by Squeddie (Squipple/Eddie):

NTH - 'Naboo: Theed Hangar' by Koolaid7g:

PDN - 'Dantooine (Elite Squadron Conversion)' by Teancum:

PSV - 'Vjun (Elite Squadron)' by Teancum:

RLS - 'Rhen Var: Monastery' by a_speck_of_dust:

RRF - 'Rhen Var: Ruins' by TK432:

SAL - 'Saleucami (PSP Renegade Squadron Conversion)' by Teancum:

SCF - 'Scarif' by Lee87:

SDA - 'Star Destroyer Assault' by Jaspo:

SRS - 'Sullust (Renegade Squadron conversion)' by Teancum:

THC - 'Thrakia: Par'Vallia City' by bobfinkl:

TRO - 'Tropicanae' by Thunderstorm025:

VFD - 'Virmund: City' by YaNkFaN:

VRH - 'Verrah: Valley' by DaiJigen:

WOJ - 'Rhen Var: Sanctuary' by Xavious:

Absolute Battlefront: Clone Wars


Improved Sides Mod 2.1 + Skin Changer BETA by HarrisonFog

Clone Wars Era Mod v1.0 by Benoz


ABH - Aaris III: Beachhead by Bobfinkl

AOD - Pharosis by Yankfan & A_Speck_of_Dust

BAR - Baroonda: Ruins by Eggman

BOM - Mygeeto: Storm by Elmo

BOZ - Boz Pity (Renegade Squadron) by Teancum

CMR - Corellia: Monastery (The Force Unleashed) by BK2Modder

CX1 - Coruscant: Palpatine’s Office by Repsharpshooter

DIS - Kadrala: Islands by Skyhammer_216

EMC - Eriadu: Mountiantop City (3.0) by Bobfinkl

G31 - Geonosis by Yankfan & A_Speck_of_Dust

ITT - Taris: Into The Sea by Maveritchell

JKU - Jakku: Graveyard of Giants by Lee 87

JR5 - Ruuria: Jungle Ruinsby Locutus_MentorofDormin

KHC - Kashyyyk: Creek by Soupyy_

KM4 - Kamino: Arena 17 by Teancum

KTH - Kothlis: Sea Haven by FelipeGabe

LWL - Lothal: Wildlands by Lee 87

MMD - Manaan: Murky Depths by Astute

MOS - Mos Eisley: Spaceport by Rends

NBS - Naboo: Sewers by FragMe!

NTH - Naboo: Theed Hanger by Koolaid7g

PBS - Bespin (Elite Squadron) by Teancum

PGA - Ptegeia: Tomb Tunnels by CressAlbane

RLS - Rhen Var: Monastery by A_Speck_of_Dust

RRF - Rhen Var: Ruins by TK432

SAL - Saleucami (PSP Renegade Squadron Conversion) by Teancum

TIF - Tantive IV: Interception by Bantha55

TWH - Taris: A World of Hurt by MasterSaitek009

VOD - Yavin 4: Valley of Deceit by Locutus_MentorofDormin

WOJ - Rhen Var: Sanctuary by Xavious

X31 - Grathe by Yankfan

ZER - Battlefront Zero by MandeRek

Absolute Battlefront Logo

Absolute Battlefront: Galactic Conquest! Available to download now!


Nice, can't wait to try it out!

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It's happening!! Gonna test it out now.

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