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This week's update brings new enemies to Galactic Crew: Dinosaurs! You can find them on a new planetary mission. Object highlighting makes it easier for you to find objects to interact with or to aim your spaceship's weapons. In addition, you can also loot your enemies to get Credits or items.

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Dinosaurs, new planet and a new skill

So far, you had to fight enemy ships, space pirates, raiders and zombies on your journey through outer space. With today's update, dinosaurs are added as a new encounter! You can encounter dinosaurs like the fast Raptors or mighty T-Rex in a new planetary mission. On your way through the galaxy, you might get events that take place on planets. This update adds an alternative planet for the same event. So, when you teleport down to the planet's surface, you might face the new threat!

A new passive solder skill enhances the damage versus beasts. You might want to spend a few points in it before hunting T-Rex!

More planets and dungeons with more features will be added with the upcoming content updates!

Looting and new items

After defeating an enemy ship or after completing missions, you are rewarded with credits, goods and items. Starting today, you can loot killed enemies! You might kill space pirates on board of their own ships or dinosaurs on planets and loot their corpses. The loot depends on the enemy you killed. Four new items have been added to the game that can be looted and sold to any merchant.


After losing a game, you can select whether you want to overwrite your saved captain with your current one. This comes in handy, when you play with the same captain in several games at the same time.

After jumping into a new sector, dead crew members will be removed from your ship.

The help dialog lists the mouse / keyboard shortcut for letting crew members run.

Bug Fixes

  • It is no longer possible to select dead crew members.
  • Solved an issue with animations when NPCs started to run towards a player character.
  • The crew wasn't properly saved, when wuitting the game while crew members were on board of the enemy's ship.
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