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Welcome! This update will be about 2 topics: Game progress and the storyline. More upcoming soon.

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This update will be about 2 topics: Game progress and the storyline.

The storyline

I've been working on the storyline with steady progress. I can make some parts of it public soon, which will hopefully be very enjoyable to read. Compared with the storyline shown earlier on the ModDB profile, it's got far more depth. It does also link more with the modern day world (references and such). In the next news update, I will post a short part of 5 chapters.

Game Progress

Game progress has been quite slow. I got a little sidetrack, which is making a chess-like game in space for a friend. I'll surely post info about that game on here soon, together with a download link! Eventually, I might be able to use this little sidetrack game in Star Apocalypse (as the combat engine).

I still have to refine the first concept of the prototype, but I've done some basic things, like making classes which can be reused multiple times. I've also decided on the software architecture which I'm going to use, which will be a 3-layer architecture. The game will be written in C#. This doesn't mean that there will be no linux port possible, since the game logic classes will be in .NET 2.0 (which can easily be ported to mono) and the windows GUI will be in .NET 3.5 (this runs fine on linux with Wine). People are free to make their own GUI's for any OS. Once development is in a mature state, I will properly document every method which will be needed to build a GUI.

This was it for this time! If you've got any comments, ideas or suggestions, they're very welcome on the game's forums (here on ModDB) or send me an email at

-- Roberto

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