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Some news about the mod. After this one I might not put many news for a while. :3

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Hey everyone! This is a little informative / news article of my upcoming mod: Orion.

First of all, the mod is alive and going well! So there is absolutely no need to worry about this mod being dead in the future- I will release it for sure.

Are there any problems?

Definetly- storyline is on alpha stage ^^ I have no clue how to improve it / even make it. Probably need time to think and develop the current one, I think I can do it.

Scripting is on the best possible way. When I started this mod, I was like "what? How do I do that damn key quest?" I literally did not know how to do a key quest without millions and billions of errors xD. But I have advanced on that and have advanced with it a lot. I mean, a lot. A lot. A LOT.

Latest thing which I have learnt is how to use timers. Was actually a suprisingly easy thing to do.

What is up with the name? xD Why is it Orion? Dat stupid star thingy thing in space? xD

So I came up with the name "Orion" because of 1. I'm really bad at making names 2. It is a name of one of my favourite metal songs, and 3. It is a name of my Finnish band.

This is it for the next time. The whole mod is about 50% by now done.

See you all later! Stay hyped!

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