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Hi guys, Thanks for your support and your suggestion! We've been trying to get the game out there by posting some articles and submitting the game to indie blogs. We've got a lot of faith in this game, but you're absolutely right; our biggest mistake was not showing the real meat of the game play. We're working really hard to get a good video out to put up on the Kickstarter so you and other backers can see just how the fighting works.

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Just to keep you up to date:

We've already finished the actual game play and modeling of the characters and all the back end technology. We just recently jumped into creating awesome 3d animations, but our finances are jammed at the moment which is why we need the community's help to hire animators. We really appreciate your help, and we'd love for you to spread the word about the game if you can. Keep an eye out for the game play video, as it'll be on the Kickstarter soon.

Thanks again

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