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Adds Dark Angels, new units, new maps, eldar runes of battle, new Ulthwe and Alpha Legion campaign textures.

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If you've installed this mod before delete the old cinematic_battles folder and
cinematic_battles.module before installing the new version.
1. Download and Launch the 4gb_patch executable and navigate to your Soulstorm.exe file
and patch it. As soon as that's done click "Another file" and search for the
GraphicsConfig.exe file and patch that one too
2. Extract the Cinematic_battles folder and Cinematic_Battles.module to your soulstorm
3. Launch the game and activate the mod in the game manager.

updated barracuda, hell talon, nightscythe, and fighta bomba audio
reduced all aircraft collision radius, this should prevent anymore crashes

added shadows to many units and map objects that were missing them

New units:
guard valkyrie with multilaser and lascannon upgrade
guard griffon mortar
tau orca
eldar war walker
eldar wraithknight
eldar shadow specters
sisters paragon warsuit, also synced their footstep sounds to the animations
sisters castigator

new animations for the Valkyrie and Orca

chaos dread model updated
chaos raptor model updated
chaos thunderhawk model updated
eldar fireprism model updated
eldar avatar model updated

added 6p_Macragge
6p ferric gully
7p therion jungles
7p scyllan foundry
7p ceprus prime
8p ash wastes
8p cadian pylons
8p carters trophy
8p deacons hubris
8p kezzian dunes
8p red scar
8p palace of thorns
8p magmarus
8p jakarra island
8p gnessi hive
8p gnessi hive defense
8p gorge of trials
8p drykenna jungle

removed 6p act of war, ai couldn’t handle the chokepoints

started adding new scenery to the IG stronghold, this is not finished but its better then vanilla.

rokclaw foothills now has out of bounds scenery in campaign and multiplayer thanks to

Scar: added x2 health and x2 turret health options

Blood Angels:
fixed vanguard vet color bleeding
fixed assault sergeant color bleeding
increased devastator cost by 10power
increased sniper rifle cost by 10power
reduced terminator weapon upgrade cost
reduced terminator sergeant cost
reduced assault terminator sergeant cost

ai will jump attack with raptors and bloodthirsters more often
ai can now use noise marine and hellsmith ability’s
updated ai squad cap values and relic unit list
changed aspiring champion advance sp model to hh_chaos_space_marine
new campaign textures for hh_chaos_space_marine, predator codex, vindicator, biker, hell
talon dreadclaw, and thunderhawk
chaos now has the same thunderhawk model space marines do
added some new units to teamcolor viewer
increased havoc cost by 10power
fixed noise marine footprints
added word bearers icon to noise marine and squad leader
reduced chaos terminator sergeant cost to 50r/25p
increased horror range and let them fire in an arc like in total warhammer
reduced blastmaster cost to 40r
reduced lascannon volume
renegade plasmagun can no longer shoot through terrain

Dark angels:
added landraider terminus ultra,
landraider solumnis,
bolter turret,
thunderfire cannon

Dark Eldar:
increased scourge cost by 10power
the slave chamber can now produce slaves
balanced campaign wargear
made the archons splinter pistol consistent with other splinter pistols

fixed guardian description
fixed autarch description
updated wraithguard model
fixed missing texture on spiritseer
made new campaign textures for guardians, shadow specters, nightspinner, waveserpent,
scorpion, and cobra
reduced volume of wraithlord steps
listening post no longer shoots though terrain
increased avatar stronghold sp health to 2500
changed rangers advance sp to use same gun as rangers
fixed brightlance grav platorm shooting though terrain
increased dark reaper cost by 10power
increased ranger cost by 10power
changed eldar ui to ulthwe colors
increased combat reinforcement time multiplier of guardians
reduced seer council to 6 men
reduced seer council ability recharge modifier to 8% per man
ai can use warshout again
fixed the war walkers feet sliding across the ground
fire prism will always use the new, longer gun
changed nightwing to light vehicle armor type
added hi res textures for structures, farseer, rangers, banshees by Wright_oh

runes of battle overhaul - player can only pick one pair per battle
researched at the soul shrine
CONCEAL/REVEAL reduces/increases ranged damage taken by 30% radius 12
EMBOLDEN/HORRIFY increases/reduces max morale by 50%
ENHANCE/DRAIN increases/reduces melee damage by 30%
QUICKEN/RESTRAIN increases/reduces movement by 25% speed

increased heavyweapon team cost by 6power

Imperial Guard:
increased heavyweapon team cost by 6power
reduced cost of command squad sp leaders
all baneblade variants now require full scale war research
fixed leman russ weapon textures
removed thermoglow_rgb
laspistols will no longer fire through terrain
added meltagun and flamer to kasrkin
added krak grenades to kasrkin
removed anime girl from banesword
added hi res building, baneblade, and captain textures by wright_oh

ai will now reinforce wraith squads
ai will jump attack with wraiths, monoliths, and the night bringer more often
slightly reduced tombstalker ai effectiveness rating
ai will tech up faster now
changed ai generators to baseback area
added new units to RelicRequired ai list
updated ai check for thermogen cost
the obelisks wailing terror ability is now a weapon, so it will fire by itself
added hi res textures for structures, lord and tomb spyders by Wright_oh

all superunits now have the same requirements
increased loota cost to 35req and 10power
fixed kill krusha shoota aim points
buffed mega armored nob damage and accuracy slightly

Sisters of Battle:
changed rhino honor guard to use witchhunters model
increased retributor cost by 10power
fixed veteran superior description
changed multimelta fx to match imperial guard and space marines fx
arcoflagellents can no longer capture points
ai will now add leaders to all squads
improved ai build plans
removed witchhammer abilitys from living saint, gave her more argent blades instead
added krak grenades to battlesisters and missionary’s
fixed confessor honor guard
replaced the weakest honor guard units
updated exorcist model
buffed assassin health, squad size and reduced cost

Space Marines:
ai will jump attack with assault marines more often
ai will use melta bombs with more units
stalker AA now has blood ravens color scheme in campaign
increased devastator cost by 10power
increased sniper rifle cost by 10power
reduced terminator weapon upgrade cost
reduced terminator sergeant cost
reduced dreadnought special attack min damage value to 0
fixed some assault cannons doing less damage then intended
fixed some heavy flamers doing less damage then intended
added hi res forcecommander and building textures by wright_oh
changed tempest to light vehicle armor type and reduced their health

ethereal no longer damages friendly units on death
corrected fire warrior shas’ui description
changed every squads transport capacity use
made the tetra slightly larger
increased sniper drone cost by 15power
added hi res commander, aircraft, and building textures by wright_oh

Thousand sons:
removed music from frontend model
reduced ahriman training time to 30 seconds
ai can now use ahrimans spells
added land raider to thousand sons
warp bolt ammo armor piercing against non vehicle units reduced from 66% to 50%
removed turrets 50% damage reduction, slightly increased health regen

termagaunt and hormagaunts got consume animations
gargoyles now count as flying units again

Models, art and code contributed by:
UA team
Unification team
tyranid mod team
codex team
objective points team
skirmish ai team
vanilla model fixes team
wright_oh for hi res textures

Special thanks to: Kekoulis, Gambit, and Thudo for their advice

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