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Today's update is about the Infantry Section from the 3rd Infantry Divsion.

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Hi people !

Today I'll present you the Canadian Infantry Section showing to you,

-Its loadout
-And icon,picture and portrait.

Keep in mind that everything is work in progress and migth differ from the release.

Let's start !

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Canadian Infantry Section

  • Size:10 Soldiers
  • Loadout:1 Corporal with Sten,1 Lance-Corporal with Lee-Enfield Rifle,1 Private with Bren LMG and 7 Privates with Lee-Enfiled Rifles.
  • Role:Heavy infantry, multipurpose with Specialized Equipment.
  • Construction options:

User Posted Image Slit Trench : Your section build a Slit Trench, giving her a bonus of cover while in it.
User Posted Image Sandbags : Your section can build a wall of sandbags.

  • Abilities:

User Posted Image Supressive Fire : Increase the supression effect of the Bren gunner.
User Posted Image Throw grenade : Let the section members throw grenades.

  • Upgrades:

User Posted Image Specialized Equipment (3rd Canadian Infantry Division HQ) : Give the section items she can buy to increase her effectiveness against certain targets.

List of items is been planned

That was a little update hope you like it !

Comming soon,

  • Canadian Rifle group
  • Canadian Gun group

Until next time,


daspamma - - 52 comments

Nice stuff!But..uhhh...Why is it 'she'?

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ElectroEsper Author
ElectroEsper - - 136 comments

Well,hummm,grammar error I guess ^^' I'm sorry about that english is not my primary language.

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