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An update on the mods progress with concept images and a demonstration video uploaded as eye-candy as well as to see whats to come.

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! Hello there TDP fans !

It has been a long time since anything was updated on the front page due to a lot of concept mapping and re-writing the storyline over and over again which i am sorry for, but for those that have not been able to keep track of the mod via Twitter, Steam Images and the Moddb Group, the moddb page has been modified a lot by removing a lot of the old updates and changing the titles of the old images to make room for the new updates that are coming.

A lot of work has been focused on models lately as well as debating on the storyline for the mod after deciding to not go with the original prison idea, so almost anything can happen with this mod now! As TDP ( The Development Project ) is now a project of myne instead of a full modification, the mod will be released as a small Total Conversion so storyline isn't much of a concern. Although the mod will consist of many various puzzle maps that can vary with difficulty for the enjoyment.

The latest update which i am rather proud of but is not full finished atm is the lock system for the doors in the maps which are made out of models to help change the colour of the lights. I have recorded a small demonstration of the lock system showing off what some of the maps could look like using the models and textures produced for TDP for your pleasure :)

Going further down the chain of updates of TDP since the beginning, the concept art of what has come along of has changed from time to time using different texture features such as bump mapping, env mapping and so on has certainly made a different look to what it has come to now.

This concept was made for dark watery areas where blue is the main feature here but focused mainly inside the pool to give the area a bit of a lonely look to it.

This here was made to test what would happen with the lighting and reflections of other aspects around the map where bump mapping and env reflections were added to some objects to make the atmosphere a bit more alive with the fire bursting out of the pipes.

For all those that are interested in dev texture mapping are welcome to join in on these concepts as the community for this type of art needs to be open a bit more with their crazy ideas!

To get all of you started, here is a texture pack with over 400 different coloured dev textures made by zaoman which is a good friend of myne and this could be put to some good use!

Click to see download link and more images

I hope this update has spread some light to what has been occurring behind the scenes of this very slowly made mod since updates are rare on this page, but remember if you would like to keep a good idea of where this mod is as much as you can, remember to track us via the links below!


Nice :D

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"mine". Y is usually only used at the end of words. I is usually inside words or at the beginning. Don't call my a grammar nazi -- I'm just trying to offer help.

And the video looked interesting. Makes me think of portal, yet finally something different.

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~Mapster(WFc) Author

Sorry i didn't proof read my text, i did this update in a hurry but thanks for the feed baack :)

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