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So much damage not even tape can fix. Tao is now a threat to everyone.

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Le Update List:

USA Factions:

  • New utility unit! Command Trucks.
  • Command Trucks are exactly that; mobile command centers.
  • They can train basic infantry, be stealth when stationary, and heal/repair things around itself.
  • Why would you build it?
  • Command Trucks allow you to deploy a second Battle Plan.
  • Battle Plans don't stack, but Bombardment + Search and Destroy is pretty nice.
  • Generals Powers are created relative to the Command Truck, just like the Command Center. This allows you to position the truck tactically in order for a power to enter at a different angle.
  • New infantry! Because USA needs more infantry!
  • Heavy Infantry added to all USA factions.
  • Armed with a minigun, foes will think twice before attacking him.
  • He wears heavy armor and is quite slow as a result.
  • Heavy Infantry are good for defense.
  • They're pretty nasty with support.
  • SEAL's are now stealth. Go crazy.
  • SEAL's must now place a charge on a unit or structure instead of standing next to it.
  • Changed the damage type on the SEAL machine gun to allow firing upon Stinger Sites and the like.

USA Airforce:

  • King Comanches can engage air targets after the aircraft ammo upgrade.

Chinese Factions:

  • Added Chinese Snipers.
  • They can use Free Fire, Hold Fire, and a unique weapon that allows them to snipe infantry from normal garrisons.
  • Garrison sniping takes time however.
  • China Infantry snipers are built from the Propaganda Center. Why not the Barracks? There's no more buttons available.


  • Increased explosive filler on Object 279 shells. Beware.
  • Object 279 reload increased slightly due to the heavier shells.
  • Reduced Object 279 machine gun damage by a tiny amount.
  • Fixed cameo on the Covert Officer.


  • Tao can launch the nukes in skirmishes now.
  • Demand for fallout shelters have risen exponentially.
  • It's not that fun being on the receiving end.
  • New artillery unit! Well it might've been in the last update but I don't know. I'm bad.
  • Heavy Uranium Artillery! Buildable from the Nuke Bunker. Long range with a high arc.
  • Comes with a special barrage ability to break camp.
  • Tends to send things flying.
  • Improved the protection of Radiation Suits.

GLA Factions:

  • Added Saboteurs to all factions.
  • Made Saboteurs useful! Woaaaaah!
  • They detect Demo Traps nearby.
  • They do not trigger Demo Traps if they get too close.
  • Saboteurs can disarm Demo Traps by cutting the wires or something.
  • Can silently kill infantry with a badass roundhouse kick.
  • Increased the GLA Airforce.
  • Added flying tanks, SCUD launchers and Roaches.
  • These units are attached to balloons for better mobility.


  • Anti-Air Boats now have two separate weapons for ground and air targets.
  • The missile launcher will have to raise before firing as well.
  • Decreased clip size from 12 to 8, but increased damage to aircraft.


  • Changed the way Demo Traps work.
  • The normal Demo Trap is created AFTER the explosion of the Advanced Demo Trap, thus no longer triggering the normal Trap to explode immediately.
  • It's a pretty monumental change.
  • Chain reactions are still possible, just not guaranteed like before.

Demo & Stealth:

  • Added a new Rank 5 generals power.
  • GLA Barrel Bombing Run!
  • Deploys a high flying GLA plane to drop 6 large bombs over a target area.
  • That's a lotta damage!


  • Doubled the damage of Stalin's Organ.
  • I saw the picture <3
  • Increased rate of fire as well.
IvanderLim - - 1,188 comments

I hope the 2nd plan can beat the hardest general

And i really think about some sort of new tanks that powerful for ironside
I really don't like it when my favourite general is weak and other general is very strong like example granger or alexander

It's just my opinion to be honest
My favourite general mostly from Some Boss generals like Ironside,Deathstrike,And Leang
I like other generals too but not much

The general i hate is kwai because he talk about tenks and tanks
And he is hard as heck
I hope with this command truck will help me

For now i am busy for school homework(it's a punishment from my teacher for being liar,Not me but some of my friend planned it to not tell about exam)

Well enough talk
Very good job splinterus

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