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This is for the really good fans and the incredibly stupid people out there.

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Lets get this straight,

People I am an incredibly patient person. I try to help people anyway I can and sometimes I even get help from other people in the community without having to ask.
But I can't stand it when I constanty get the same questions from the same persons who are to lousy to read ANY news messages, comment or even try to understand my advise!!!
For example,
I got olmost 1.000 times the question:
- Why can't I build the Malevolence (or any other new thing in the new pics)? becouse it is in 4, IF YOU EVEN HAVE BRANES YOU COULD UNDERSTAND THAT!
- Where can I download version 4: You can't! Read the news and you will notice eventually that it is stil in production.

Shees, now thats out of the way. Also: Nett40 is retired from this community, sending him messages will only result in not getting an answer

I know I sound angry, but people I still am human and can get very pissed of some times. It is not a very nice sight when you open up moddb and see 20 messages with the same question. And for the ones that got angry messages from me: Sorry for that, I do not wish to hurt your feellings or discourage you from sending messages. I just ask 1 thing: Think before asking, I was like you a year back.

For the fun part;
- The spiderdroid model is olmost finished.
- New props are being made for new maps.
- Several other planets have been finished, but we are not uploading pictures of everything becouse something has to be a surprise.
- V-19 torrent will be a more common fighter in tech level 1, 2 and 3 (being replaced by the V-Wing at tech level 4).
- Phase 1 clone company's are going to have a clone luitenant standart, he gives defence bonusses. (This is an balancing feature against the masses of droids that are very cheap and fast to produce)
- Fighters are gonna be down-scaled.
- Planets will have a unique function, for example: Kamino produces clones much faster and geonosis does the same with droid forces. (Maybe even if you lose the techno union home planet, not being able to produce techno union troops?)
- And we have a new republic interdictor!

And we have a new team member!!! Say good evening against "DragoonKnight".
He is gonna edit some more audio files so they don't have much music on the background and find some nice sounds out of SW the clone wars season 2.

The entire Team


LOL i don't think i sent you any messages and for some reason i get the same messages from people asking WY cant i or when is it coming out

so hence forth i do not know what the heck is going down other than what is posted or news that is sent to me regarding the arbiter corvette that is not done yet.

and who does skinning because i cant figure it out

and another crew member sweet welcome dragoonknight

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I'm still flabbergasted on how much progress you've made in such a short time. I tip my hat to thee', and I look forward to the next version; how fantastic it shall be

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great job picking up this mod and expanding on it. to think it was built by a guy because his kid loves the clone wars and its expanded into what it is today and becoming. its is amazing. Keep up the good work.

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I have to admit the first time I played this, I feel in love with this mod.

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