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Freeman: Star Edge features both space combat and ground combat.

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Freeman: Star Edge features both space combat and ground combat. Space combat takes place when encountering hostile fleets on the galactic map and attacking hostile fleets guarding a planet or a space station. Ground combat happens when encountering enemy ground forces on planets or space stations or during a boarding combat. Ground combat also includes random encounter of beasts and bandits during exploration. During space combat, the player will use mouse and keyboard to fly a spaceship and attack with lasers, missiles and torpedoes. The player can hire multiple wingman squadrons to assist in a combat.

Both third person mode and the first person mode are available for ground combat. The player can fight alone or lead an army into ground combat. The player can issue commands to companion squads through strategy map. There are various types of weapon to choose from, each with different damage, recoil, firing speed, projectile speed and armor penetration. Combat can always be avoided by hiding. Conducting crimes such as stealing, attacking people on a neutral ground can also trigger ground combat. You can take control of a planet of a space station by eliminating all enemy forces defending the area.

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