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The update 1.14 is online. Minefields, new AI spawn logic, new awards menu and more...

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Dear operators,

The update 1.14 is online. Minefields, new AI spawn logic, new awards menu and more...

Minefields: Be careful, do not venture in desert zones without a dog...

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As usual other corrections have been made and feedback is always welcomed.
I hope this content pleases you all.

Best regards,


- Add: Minefields
- Add: New spawn logic
- Add: Difficulty option - Minefields -> Add minefields in desert areas and uninhabited sectors
- Add: Difficulty option - Spawn location -> Prioritizes location of spawn enemy (if map has different spawn type)
- Add: Interaction - Defuse landmine (kit required)
- Add: Dog can spot landmines
- Improve: Can use "Switch weapon" when ADS enabled
- Improve: Get up from lying down to crouch
- Improve: NPC are more handled in Battle plan (hostage, captured enemy)
- Improve: AI might not climb an obstacle correctly
- Fix: Physics errors when use "Switch character" menu
- Fix: Physics errors when use "Request Support" menu
- Fix: AI operator has wrong smooth movement after finish breach door
- Fix: Some errors interactions with AI operators

- Improve: ADS shooting animation
- Improve: New buildings on Compound
- Fix: Undesirable twisted arms with FP reload animation
- Fix: NVG might not be invisible with some headgears
- Fix: Muzzle flash might not correct location if player runs
- Fix: Some locations errors on Compound

- Overhaul: New awards menu
- Overhaul: New ranks menu
- Add: New 36 ranks
- Add: Display progression of unlocked awards

- Add: New loadout icons
- Add: New sync order icon
- Add: Distance between drone and pilot
- Fix: Some french translations

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