Black One Blood Brothers is a tactical military shooter game where strategy and coordination are key. Joining the "Black One" unit, you become part of an elite force comprised of top operators from around the globe. Operating independently of any government, this unit works from the shadows, free from political games and diplomatic constraints. As the leader of this squad, you're tasked with executing complex missions where every decision could mean the difference between life and death.


In collaboration with a former French Special Forces Commando Marine, "Black One Blood Brothers" stands out for its demanding and immersive gameplay. Command a squad of 10 operators, each with unique skills, and seamlessly switch between them to leverage their specialties in either first-person or third-person view. Success hinges on meticulous planning, optimal equipment management, and teamwork.


Implement precise action sequences for each squad member using a complex yet intuitive "Battle Plan" system. Organize your forces into multiple teams, coordinate their movements, and devise custom tactics to tackle any situation, or switch to real-time command with "Quick Orders" for dynamic decision-making.


During the adventure offered in the Campaign mode through Operation "Serpent's Whisper", the story kicks off in response to the insurgent group "New World," which has launched deadly attacks across the United States, France, India, Japan, and England within days. Your mission is to neutralize this threat and trace the funding behind these attacks through 20 increasingly challenging missions. Be advised, the loss of an operator is permanent!


Undertake high-risk missions including target neutralization, hostage rescue, bomb defusal, and retrieval of secret documents.


Customization is at the heart of "Black One Blood Brothers." Build your squad from the ground up, selecting each member's skills and arming them with the finest arsenal.


With a variety of game modes (Dynamic campaign, Spec Ops, War, POW, Siege, Lone Wolf, Blind Ops) and a powerful, user-friendly map editor, "Black One Blood Brothers" offers vast replayability. Customize your missions, adjust difficulty, select your battlefields, and share your creations with the community through the Steam Workshop.

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Greetings operators,

It is time. Set to be released on April 3, at 6pm, GMT+1, let’s deep dive in a quick preview of what Black One Blood Brothers 1.49 update has in store for you.

Mall of Eden & The Mines
First and foremost, the highly anticipated two new maps: Mall of Eden and the Mines. Both of them will unlock new endless possibilities of gameplay to enjoy.

First, the Mall of Eden is a maze of corridors, shops and rooms, that will allow exciting close combat fights. But beware operators. There is little to no place for mistakes, especially if you have to free hostages or captured agents. Mind the cameras, be stealthy, and plan carefully your next moves.

If you’re more into open theatres, you will enjoy the Mines. With a strong verticality and natural covers, you’ll have to be smarter than your enemies to take advantage of the topography of the map. It’s easy to lose yourself on the bridge and get caught off by the beauty of nature, but you’ll be completely vulnerable on this part of the map. So hurry up, keep your feet off the edges, and focus on your objectives.

Photo & Video Mode
1.49 is also bringing a fan favorite feature: the photo and video mode. Create great memories of your missions and custom maps, be creative, and take your game to the next level. Whether you’re a content creator or just a cinematographic lover, the photo and video feature will unlock a new horizon to the game. It’s easy to customize every aspect of the picture quality to create the perfect video or photo. Don’t forget to share them with us.

And much more...
Speaking of creativity, tons of new assets are brought to the map editor, from new doors to new environment items. It has never been a better time to bring life to your ideas.

These are not the only new features that you’ll enjoy in the 1.49 update: for instance, a new system of waves is being introduced in the siege and war modes. You’ll also notice some UI and quality of life improvements, such as better menus and way to hold your weapons more realistically, and a brand new soundtrack, for a darker game.

See below for the complete patchnote. We cannot wait for you to try the new update.

- Addition: New map - Mall of Eden
- Addition: New map - The Mines
- Addition: 94 new steam achievements
- Addition: Video mode

- Addition: New award - Collect "United We Conquer" in The Compound
- Addition: New award - Collect "Forces spéciales et unités d'élite (Tome 2)" in ARIAL offshore drilling
- Addition: New award - Collect "BRI: Les formes de l'ombre (Tome 2)" in Mall of Eden
- Addition: New award - Finish a mission on "Mall of Eden"
- Addition: New award - Finish a mission on "The Mines"
- Addition: New tutorial text about weight of your equipment

- Addition: New arm posture when using a handgun, reducing the distance before the weapon is obstructed from firing upon collision with the environment
- Addition: Edit squad directly in mission menu
- Addition: Wave system in "War" and "Siege" mode
- Addition: New gameplay option "Depth of field with night vision"
- Addition: New lights in "Training Center" map
- Addition: Player-controlled operator stops leaning if he collides with their environment
- Addition: Lights near the prisoner at the start of a "Prisoner of War" night mission
- Addition: Difficulty options are displayed by category
- Addition: Security cameras fall when they are disabled or destroyed
- Addition: "Music" and "Logistics" tabs in the mission menu are now visible by unlocking access in the "Extras" menu of the game options
- Addition: Enemies are now manipulable in the photo/video mode
- Improvement: Camera behavior in third-person view when the camera collides with the environment
- Improvement: Animation of aiming a firearm with a laser sight in first-person view
- Improvement: Shot animation of handgun
- Improvement: Recoil effect of handgun
- Improvement: Night visions are more affected by electric lights
- Improvement: Many adjustments to the camera position when aiming with the weapon's sights
- Improvement: 3d markers of spotted enemies are always visible if battleplan is enabled
- Improvement: 3d markers of spotted enemies are visible at the beginning if "no spot" option is enabled
- Improvement: Reloading speed
- Improvement: Efficiency of flahsbangs
- Improvement: Broken door or window can no longer be closed
- Improvement: General optimization of footstep noises
- Improvement: Maximum field of view increased
- Improvement: Numerous adjustments in "Enila islands - Talmio" map
- Improvement: Spawn number in "Ancient ruins" map
- Improvement: Input "Escape" in tutorial menu return to main menu
- Improvement: Playing a mission in "Prisoner of War" mode randomly selects the captured operator at the beginning of the mission
- Improvement: Foliage of "The sanctuary" map
- Fix: Numerous bullet collision errors
- Fix: Numerous operator collision errors
- Fix: Numerous enemy collision errors
- Fix: Numerous drone collision errors
- Fix: Some errors in the visual and sound effects of bullet impacts
- Fix: Some errors of assets location in "University" map
- Fix: Some errors of assets location in "Burnwood Mansion" map
- Fix: Player-controlled operator was not properly oriented to throw a grenade in third-person view
- Fix: Operator didn't update his speed after inventory weight was updated
- Fix: Objectives assigned at the beginning of a 'Blind Ops' mission might require equipment that the operators didn't have
- Fix: Player-controlled operator may not automatically lean if the weapon is stuck against an open door or window
- Fix: Player's camouflage indicator was not updating correctly in training mode
- Fix: Doors on "Secret Bunker" map were not opening in the right direction
- Fix: Some collisions errors in "Secret Bunker" map
- Fix: Some aiming errors with third-person view
- Fix: First-person camera could clip through certain walls when operator leaned
- Fix: Thermal vision remained activated by the drone if it was destroyed by an enemy
- Fix: Press 'Escape' in loadout in campaign menu displayed main menu
- Fix: Numerous errors in the sound of footsteps
- Fix: Camera position error in first-person view when the player dies or falls unconscious
- Fix: Landscape error in "Ancient Ruins"
- Fix: Some errors in foot positioning on the ground
- Fix: An error could prevent lights from appearing correctly on the "University" map

- Improvement: Behavior of the operators' focus when their weapon is lowered
- Improvement: Speed of movement of enemies to take cover depending on the environment
- Improvement: Enemies are slightly less accurate when firing in full-auto mode
- Improvement: Maximum speed of enemies when they run
- Improvement: Perception of operators
- Improvement: Pathfinding on complex assets
- Improvement: A character doesn't try to climb an obstacle if it has found its way to reach its destination
- Improvement: An operator will return to their position in the squad if they cannot enter a room during a "Breach and Clear" action
- Fix: Vision of operators could be significantly higher depending on certain difficulty options being activated or deactivated
- Fix: Enemy spawned on patrol point might not move correctly
- Fix: Operator might not interacte correctly on another soldier
- Fix: Some scripts errors

- Addition: New weather and time setting for mission 3 'Blue Falcon'
- Addition: New task location for mission 3 'Blue Falcon'
- Addition: New spawn type for mission 4 'Ivory Freedom'
- Addition: New names of some tasks
- Addition: "Mall of Eden" can be played in dynamic campaign
- Addition: "The Mines" can be played in dynamic campaign
- Addition: Edit squad directly in campaign menu
- Improvement: Last mission of a dynamic campaign always takes place on a large map
- Improvement: "No spot" difficulty option is enabled in 'very hard' difficulty in campaign mode
- Fix: Enemies to neutralize during mission 3 'Blue Falcon' could not appear on top of the boat on the containers

- Addition: Actors - Point lights - 11 assets
- Addition: Actors - Doors - 13 assets
- Addition: Mesh - Landscape - Rocks - 2 assets
- Addition: Mesh - Landscape - Cliffs - 1 asset
- Addition: Mesh - Landscape - Little - 3 assets
- Addition: Mesh - Exterior - Objects - 62 assets
- Addition: Mesh - Interior - Floors - 15 assets
- Addition: Mesh - Interior - Roofs - 22 assets
- Addition: Mesh - Interior - Walls - 66 assets
- Addition: Mesh - Interior - Stairs - 11 assets
- Addition: Mesh - Interior - Objects - 291 assets
- Addition: Mesh - Interior - Little objects - 22 assets

- Addition: Head-mounting system for night vision goggles depending on the headgear worn
- Addition: Ambient animations are also triggered by the player in third-person view
- Addition: Player-controlled operator naturally leans based on their movements
- Addition: New sequences for the main menu cinematic
- Addition: Random animations of operators in campaign HUB
- Addition: Smooth transition of the operator's appearance during its editing
- Improvement: Emissive power of laser beam
- Improvement: Bloom power of night vision
- Improvement: Sunlight ray propagation
- Improvement: Sunlight location of some maps
- Improvement: Rendering of ambient animations for operators and enemies
- Improvement: Ambient animations are triggered even when a soldier is in motion
- Improvement: Bullet impact on a enemy
- Improvement: Emissive material of some lights
- Improvement: Emissive power of multiple city towers
- Improvement: Cinematic movies are scale to preserve same ratio
- Improvement: Post-process effect when the player is injured
- Improvement: Propagation of ambiant occlusion
- Improvement: Blood impact in HUD
- Improvement: Triplanar on weapon camos
- Improvement: Black skin color
- Fix: Translucent material could not be affected by depth of field
- Fix: Facial morph of 'Branson' could slightly protrude through the balaclava
- Fix: Shadows on hair and beard
- Fix: Rotation error of tower light
- Fix: Camera shaking error when the player reloads while prone

- Change: Soundtracks of multiple menu

- Addition: New sounds for breaking down a door or a window
- Addition: New sound for picking a lock on a door or a window
- Addition: New sound for unlocking on a door or a window
- Addition: New sound when an operator disables an electronic system
- Change: Custom musics can be played locally only
- Improvement: General rendering of footsteps SFX
- Fix: Radio voices of female operators

- Overhaul: New keyboard and mouse icons
- Overhaul: New special gear icons
- Overhaul: Reorganize the categories in the 'Mission' menu
- Overhaul: New deployment menu
- Addition: Animation of buttons
- Addition: Smooth spawn of tooltips
- Addition: Smooth spawn of buttons
- Addition: Smooth spawn of numerous texts
- Addition: Blur effect on unselected buttons with pictures
- Addition: Dark fog effect on unselected buttons with pictures
- Addition: Blur effect on unfinished awards and ranks
- Addition: Inputs are displayed by category
- Addition: Gameplay options are displayed by category
- Addition: Information text when sprint is impossible
- Addition: Popup texts of insertion menu
- Addition: Popup texts when squad or operator saved
- Addition: Popup text to switch operators when the player is killed or injured
- Addition: 'Loadout' option added in mission mode
- Addition: Text color of "Begin Mission" appears in red if a mission configuration error is detected
- Improvement: Gameplay options
- Improvement: Design of numerous buttons and borders
- Improvement: Outline of numerous icons
- Change: Photo/video option is enabled/disabled in "Extras" option
- Fix: Rendering of some special equipment icons
- Fix: Multiple scrollbars could fail to appear and disappear correctly
- Fix: Some options in the gameplay menu were not properly aligned.
- Fix: Tooltip of triggers
- Fix: Some errors of english texts
- Fix: Some errors of french texts

Don't forget to join the Discord Community to discuss the latest patch, issues in the game, or give us your feedback.

Preview 1.49: New Maps, Video Mode, Gameplay Enhancements

Preview 1.49: New Maps, Video Mode, Gameplay Enhancements


We are thrilled to present the upcoming update for Black One Blood Brothers, featuring two unique new maps and numerous gameplay and interface enhancements...

Update 1.48: Dynamic campaign, Blind Ops, New Objectives, DLSS 3.5...

Update 1.48: Dynamic campaign, Blind Ops, New Objectives, DLSS 3.5...


We are thrilled to announce that update 1.48 for "Black One Blood Brothers" is now available! This release introduces a plethora of new content and exciting...

Preview 1.48: Dynamic campaign, Blind ops, new objectives...

Preview 1.48: Dynamic campaign, Blind ops, new objectives...


Attention all "Black One Blood Brothers" players! Update 1.48 is currently in the works and is set to bring unprecedented content and numerous improvements...

Update 1.47: Campaign part 2, Cinematic view, New maps, Bodycam...

Update 1.47: Campaign part 2, Cinematic view, New maps, Bodycam...

News 1 comment

We are thrilled to introduce the features in the 1.47 update. This update has been designed to enhance your gaming experience by providing fresh elements...

101stEasy - - 62 comments

That looks awesome but where are the files so I can play it too can't find the files!??? My rig is an i/7 8700K 6 cores 3,6 - Nvidia 3090 24GB and 64GB DDR4 mem and I play the games 4K ultra so if you like I can test the mod/game too???

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Guest - - 692,327 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

h0nger - - 121 comments

Please remove or hide your obsolete clog of Arma 3 scenarios instead of using them as an advertisement for your "game", it's a **** move and it paints you in a bad light.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
clarionhorn - - 237 comments

why not just join existing project ground branch?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
LunarShuriken - - 1,285 comments

looks great!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
CreativeOven - - 166 comments

Hey I tried your game I love the concept of it....

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
101stEasy - - 62 comments

Where did you find the files i can't find them anywhere and it says that's out in 2022??

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
CharlieOscar-27 - - 15 comments

Will keep an eye on this one. So far my first impression is that you can consider me impressed!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Indy42 - - 1 comments

Any chance I can help test the game. I have a Rx580 Amd with 16gb ram 8 cores and 1700 ryzen. Sorry the Guest comment was me I wasn't signed in sorry.

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