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Why is there a third game when the second one is bugged and garbage?

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Why is there a third game when the second one is bugged and garbage?

First of all, I regret announcing this project so soon. It was not needed and I should have been fixing the second game instead.

This article is going to explain the entirety of what's been happening behind the scenes and what to expect.

Section one: What's been done already

The new version of OPTUX3 only has two maps currently but they are fully playable but need a little more detail.

optux3 screen 01

This is the new version of Farm. As you can see, the displacements are a bit rough. There are multiple routes for the zombies to take.

Also, Greybox labs makes a return!

optux3 screen 04

There are multiple different directions where the zombies can come from and the narrow hallways make it a deadly map.

The points system from COD zombies has been added

Example gif of buying a weapon:

Some other stuff has been added such as:

  • Hellhounds (From Black ops)
  • Revamped Menu
  • Quick grenade

Section two: Operation: Tuxxego 2 future updates & Other projects

Operation: Tuxxego 2: The turning ran into trouble and because of that it was canceled. I don't plan on updating the game again due to that.

And no, I do not feel overworked by making both Arsenio and this. Sometimes I work on different projects.

Release dates and the future

For right now Operation: Tuxxego 3 does not have a release date.

For worries that I will make another Operation: Tuxxego game

The chances are, I will not. There are already three games, there is no need for anymore. If there is ever an Operation: Tuxxego 4 it'll be far into the future. No one needs more OPTUX.

If you'd like to hear more about the game or maybe even playtest, join the discord server:

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Looks good so far. As for map polish, there could be some decals behind the weapons on the walls for the player to find them better. That weapon blends in with the wall texture. Hope the work goes well, I'll follow

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