Welcome back to the world of Operation: Tuxxego for the third time this year.

Yes, there is already a third mod.

Operation: Tuxxego 3 utilizes the env_projectedtexture entity in Source to push the limits of the engine with the lighting.

The big list of features are:

  • Multiple gamemodes.
  • More variety of zombies.
  • Unlockable areas.
  • Modding support.
  • Quick grenade.
  • Custom textures.
  • And many, many more to be announced.



Questions that may be asked

Q: Are you milking the series by creating a third mod the same month as the previous one came out?

A: No, first of all, you can't milk a free mod, second of all I have fun making sourcemods, I couldn't help it.

Q: What about Arsenio?

A: I'm not working on this, I wasn't when I announced it again. I'm working on Arsenio.

Q: Will you still update Operation: Tuxxego 2?

A: Not anymore.

Q: What engine does this run on?

A: IVEngine 2.

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Why is there a third game when the second one is bugged and garbage?

First of all, I regret announcing this project so soon. It was not needed and I should have been fixing the second game instead.

This article is going to explain the entirety of what's been happening behind the scenes and what to expect.

Section one: What's been done already

The new version of OPTUX3 only has two maps currently but they are fully playable but need a little more detail.

optux3 screen 01

This is the new version of Farm. As you can see, the displacements are a bit rough. There are multiple routes for the zombies to take.

Also, Greybox labs makes a return!

optux3 screen 04

There are multiple different directions where the zombies can come from and the narrow hallways make it a deadly map.

The points system from COD zombies has been added

Example gif of buying a weapon:

Some other stuff has been added such as:

  • Hellhounds (From Black ops)
  • Revamped Menu
  • Quick grenade

Section two: Operation: Tuxxego 2 future updates & Other projects

Operation: Tuxxego 2: The turning ran into trouble and because of that it was canceled. I don't plan on updating the game again due to that.

And no, I do not feel overworked by making both Arsenio and this. Sometimes I work on different projects.

Release dates and the future

For right now Operation: Tuxxego 3 does not have a release date.

For worries that I will make another Operation: Tuxxego game

The chances are, I will not. There are already three games, there is no need for anymore. If there is ever an Operation: Tuxxego 4 it'll be far into the future. No one needs more OPTUX.

If you'd like to hear more about the game or maybe even playtest, join the discord server: Discord.gg

Join the Discord!

Join the Discord!


Join the Discord server for more news about Operation: Tuxxego 3.

mrpaolodev - - 9 comments

plot twist action of this game places is ohio

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Daburubareru - - 738 comments

Huh... don't you think you feel kinda overworked and there's already too much why not just focusing on the current one you have with the second? :|

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Tuxxego Creator
Tuxxego - - 21 comments

Recently I've been moving a lot of stuff from this project to Operation: Tuxxego 2 and plan to return to this in a year or two.

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