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Update #1 - Recent Development Progress. Information about Bonus Cards and other additional work in progress.

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Hi All,

Hex Claim is progressing pretty well. Lately some of the time has been spent on getting the Card system into place. So I thought a little explanation about how the cards work might be of interest.

Types so far :


Build : Build cards allow you to build a specific type of building on a tile you own. These buildings can even be built on tiles that you normally cannot build the selected building on.
Destroy : You can target an enemy building to destroy that building.


Remove Owner : This Card removes ownership from the tile. This action also removes any buildings on the tile.
Free Tile : You get any tile that borders your owned tiles for free.


Resource Cache : You get the amount of resources specified by the card.
Remove Resources : You can removed the amount of resources specified by the card from any other player.
Steal Resources : You steal the amount of resources specified by the card from another player. Their loss is your gain :P

Here is a small clip of a building card working.

Along with the Cards there has been some other work done on the following.

  • The logic of where and when you can build buildings.
  • Victory Building Type and conditions.
  • Player Starting locations

Here are a few screenshots :

More progress updates coming soon.


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VirginRedemption - - 42 comments

Love the concept! Reminds me a bit of Faeria but quite different from it because of the civilization part.

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