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This week's update brings new quests including a new planetary mission. In addition, the game's balancing and stability was improved with several bug fixes.

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This week's update brings new quests and several bug fixes to improve the game's stability and the game's balancing.

New events

Four new events were added to the game including a new planetary mission. A ship crashed on a moon nearby. Are there any survivors? Is there anything to loot? Figure it out!


So far, the space pirates generated their threat too fast resulting in an early arrival of the NEMESIS ships. The reason for this issue was a bug that has been fixed. A full list of all fixed bugs can be found below.

Bug Fixes

  • The space pirate could generate threat by trading with a space station.
  • After replacing a weapon turret with a mining laser, the mining laser's beam color was not properly changed to purple.
  • After destroying a civilian ship with the space pirate role, too much threat was generated.
  • The game could crash while streaming music tracks.
  • Crew members do not walk to another place on the ship anymore, when you right-click on any of the game's windows.
  • Crew member's skills are no longer executed, when you click on any of the game's windows.
  • The game could crash when returning to main menu immediately after defeating an opponent or after you traded with a space station.
  • The screen is no longer shaking when you replace a shield generator with another piece of equipment when retrofitting your ship.
  • Fixed issues with ending music streams.
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