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In this update we discuss some of our new weapons and thief skills. We’ve also provided video links to show how our new weapons and thief skills work within the Thieves Guild mod.

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Screenshots 10

The Thieves Guild mod's Weapons & Skills:

Bow & Arrows:
The bow has a limited (realistic) range so you can't kill a guard walking on the other side of the map.
The arrows are shot with characteristic trajectory (if you wish to shoot further you have to aim higher).

  • There are new bow animations (player reaches back to his quiver after each shot).
  • The player can run out of arrows (the amount of arrows is displayed in the HUD).
  • The player can pickup and collect additional arrows.
  • There are only regular arrows in this mod (we made some prototypes but they created an unbalance in the mod so the idea was abandoned).

The bow can be used in many different ways like, extinguishing torches to create shadow areas, shooting at objects to create a noise diversion that will attract guards, attaching a climbable rope to arrows, to sniper guards with a single headshot. All of these techniques however work only in specific situations, which means the player won't be able to extinguish every torch, not every sound will attract guards, the player won't be able to create a climbable rope wherever he wants, and only guards without helmets can be killed by a single headshot.

The bow video.

Screenshots 05 Screenshots 07

Blackjack and Dagger:
They work more or less like in "Thief3". The player can only knockout or backstab an opponent if the victim doesn't first see the player. The player can't knockout or backstab an opponent during a regular fight.

In "Thief3" the only difference between the blackjack and dagger was that the blackjack made less noise; in our mod it's more specialized. The blackjack knockout time is for a short duration, the victim falls to the ground and remains unconscious and then he wakes up (he could be aware that he has been attacked or not). The backstab attack kills the victim instantly but to use the backstab attack; the dagger needs to be powered up. The dagger uses Rune (Glyph) power ups, which greatly limits the number of possible backstab attacks.

The blackjack and the dagger video.

Screenshots 07 Screenshots 05

Pick Pocketing:
The player can pickpocket guards that carry purses on their belts. It takes some practice to do it without alerting the guard. It's easier to pickpocket a guard that is standing still, walking guards are more challenging. The player has to be close enough to grab the purse but not too close or he'll be detected. Items that can be collected are keys and gold.

The pick pocketing video.

Hiding In Shadows:
The player can enter into a "Shadow Zone" which is a specific area where the player can go undetected. The player can't hide in a "Shadow Zone" if he is first observed, carrying a torch, or if he initiates an attack (unless his weapon is a blackjack or dagger and it's powered up).

The hiding in shadows video.

Screenshots 08 Screenshots 07

Thief Sense:
In order to use the thief sense the player must first find an object called "Garrett's Eye" which is sort of a thief's 6th sense. When activated (powered up) it allows the player to see useful things like for example, where he can attach a rope arrow, where he can create a shadow zone, trap detection, hints, and other interesting locations. If you watch "the bow and arrow" video you will see how it works (the eye icon on the gong and where the thief attaches the rope arrow).

The bow and arrow video.

Lock Picking:
There are 2 types of picklocks, just like in "Thief3", bronze and silver but they work in different ways.
The bronze picklock is usually given to the player at the beginning of a mission. The bronze picklock is a primitive tool and using it is a question of luck. It may open the lock but there's also a chance it'll break it. If the player breaks a lock it can't be opened in any other way. In other words, bronze picklocks should only be used as a last resort. The bronze picklock only works on primitive locks.

The silver picklock is a better tool, which allows the player to have full control over the lock picking process. The silver picklock can open up any lock. The lock picking process is sort of a HUD mini-game. To start the player must first hit the "Use" button, which brings the player into the HUD lock-picking screen, when the player hears a specific click sound he must hit the "Fire" button to open a sweet spot. When all the sweet spots are highlighted (there can be more than one in complex locks) the player then hits the "Use" button to open the lock. We're still changing the pick locking HUD display but the basic mechanism will stay intact.

The pick locking video.

More updates will be brought to you soon. Enjoy.


I really think its great to see all these new stuff, even the bow thingy looks cool!

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Jetrell Author

Thanks, the bow is one of my favorites.

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