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Version 0.5.7 is finally here. There are new allies, enemies, explosion effects and a new weapon

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Version 0.5.7 is finally here! A lot of changes have been made in this new version.

All special effects (explosions, magic, etc) have been improved.

The sorcerer characters (Zombie giant, Cyclop and mages) are quite noticeable now.
Along with this, there are new enemies, allies and a new weapon. You should also check the new superweapon: the ICBM (hey there, Kim!).

Sadly, several maps have been removed: the Jurassic defense map and the Christmas defense (this one will be available again in Christmas). The game will continue to grow around mix of medieval and modern action, so some changes need to be made.

Check the huge changelog!

Full version 0.5.7 changelog


  • Upgraded to Unity 5.6.3p4
  • New weapon: flamethrower
  • New superweapon: ICBM. It deals more damage than the Atomic bomb
  • New allies: Anti-tank soldier, Flamethrower soldier and Anti-riot
  • New enemies: stalker and poisonous stalker (kamikaze)
  • MP5 and grenade launcher sound changed
  • Mage characters improved
  • Arcade mode has now different music tracks
  • All range attacks are now non-instant: you can see the projectile
  • Players won’t be able to launch more than one superweapon of the same type at the same time
  • Store items like ammo and weapons now spawns infront of the player
  • Dinosaurs and Jurassic Defense map removed: they don’t fit with the rest of the art
  • Mountain defense and Akihabara defense level now have only modern soldiers as allies
  • Added walls to enemy base in Akihabara defense
  • Underground Terror level added to Classic Last Stand maps
  • Outpost defense map improved
  • Abandoned Warehouse map works now on Classic Last Stand and Survival game modes
  • Christmas map removed until Christmas
  • Improved AI target detection
  • Improved blood effect
  • Improved fireball and meteor spell effects
  • Improved explosions effects
  • Improved pickup audio (ammo and medics)
  • Improved bloom effect
  • Improved audio management
  • Improved cartbridge eject effect


  • Money is no longer shared on Deathmatch
  • Fixed tanks on network
  • Fixed boss music restart on boss death
  • Fixed several characters don’t dissapearing on death (arcade mode)
  • Fixed grenade pickup message
  • Fixed death effect sound on head damage
  • Fixed player’s lamp light on player
  • Fixed lighting on main menu
  • Fixed player’s spawn points on deathmatch for several maps
  • Fixed enemy spawn points on Underground Terror level (Wave survival)

    Known bugs

  • Sometimes the player can’t buy things from the store in Underground Terror map (Classic and Survival game modes)
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