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Dark Astral, The Broken Valley, NPC Reactions, double strike for bow and staff, easy Anti-Cheat and many other new things!

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Dark Astral

Astral is the magical plane of reality, where nothing is permanent or stable, source of raw magical energy. A place which once was full to the brim with positive energy.

It’s been so until the uprising of Faceless, who pereveted the very essence of Astral, binding it to his will. Now it’s nothing more but a dark reflection of Arcana, home to the most loyal of the Faceless’ servants.

The Sanctuary, which serves as a prison to the soul of a firstborn dragon - Chronos, remains the last “positive” Astral layer.

Faceless has blocked the Sanctuary off with his vassal realms - the Titan Bastion, the Tower of Winds and the Asylum, but brave Pilgrims still manage to break through the dark barrier.

  • Boss arenas have been transfered to a different plane of existence.

The Broken Valley

Pilgrims, the adventures of the Broken Valley await you once more! While you’ve been exploring every nook and cranny of the Broken Valley, we’vee been working on implementing new changes to the islands.
First and foremost, we’ve updated the world navigation, to make the map more approachable and goals - clearer. Previously familiar places have gained new memorable details that will help navigating the open world.

If you’re lost and don’t know where to go - seek guidance of the beacons of light.

  • Added new snowy islands to the Broken Valley.
  • Increased the size of the floating islands generation area.
  • Removed the floating tower from the biome.
  • Updated the visuals of a portal on the Bard’s island.
  • Reworked the goals and navigation in the Broken Valley.
  • New NPCs: Empath, Diodorus.
  • New quest: Merchant Cu.
  • The Fire Ring is now rewarded for finding all memorials in the Broken Valley.

NPC Reactions

All inhabitants of Arcana keep an eye on every new Pilgrim. Now they will no longer keep their curiosity a secret. They find particular interest in having common friends and would gladly tattle on some familiar skeleton to the marrow.

  • Now NPCs react if you talked to someone they know.

Bards House4

Double Strike: Bow & Staff

We’ve improved and rebalanced our ranged weapons, so that players would have better opportunities to plan around their weapon choices. On top of that we’ve updated attack animations and visuals to make combat more memorable.

  • Completely reworked the staff attacks.
  • Updated the staff attack animations.
  • Updated the bow attack animations.

Easy Anti-Cheat

It doesn’t matter how much you have achieved if you cheated on your way there. We’ve updated the Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC) system, which scans the game environment, not allowing to break the rules of the game. Play fair!

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