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A rather large update and I also added some new screenshots...

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Earlier today I added some new screenshots. There's some screenshots of the thief with his weapons and lots more of old architecture and nighttime ambiance.

Screenshots 05 Screenshots 05

Thanks to a lot of hard work and dedication from Durus, Mute_Box, and Warlawk this mod is really coming together and beginning to shine. We've all put a tremendous amount of effort into this project and although I might be a tad bit prejudiced I think our Thieves Guild mod is fantastic!

At the moment there are ten maps in this mod though there is a slight possibility it might grow into twelve maps. There are lots of unexpected environments to explore but nearly all of the maps take place in the dark districts of the "City" where trespassing is punished by death...

We've added new weapons, monsters, zones, music and lots of other new features. The new weapons include a short bow and blackjack and there are others... There are new foes like the assassin, demons, executioner, and mummy plus many more bad guys. There are walking night patrols and guards. There are a variety of different treasure chests, some with locks and keys, and some with treasures and traps. There are flags and banners blowing in the wind. There's also a new zone called the "shadow zone" which lets the thief hide undetected in the dark shadows. And of course there are lots of puzzles and traps to be solved...

I've run this mod through a series of tests and can now report that this mod is compatible with Rune 1.08.

Originally this mod was going to be released in December but because we've recently been adding some complex elements we're not going to be able to meet that deadline. Don't be concerned this mod will be released and it will definitely be worth the wait.

A special thanks needs to go out to Durus, Mute_Box, and Warlawk who are lifesavers and all three bring something unique to the table. Without your support and hard work this mod would have never seen the light of day.

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quake engie?

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Rune - Unreal Engine 1

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Jetrell Author
Jetrell - - 48 comments

Yes, it's the Unreal 1 Engine. There have been lots of improvments made to it since it was originally released.

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