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In this first update I'll do some introductions and tell you about the upcoming sidescroller metroidvania game, NEBULA.

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Update #01 - DEC 2014

Hey everyone! My name is Bruno, and I'm the developer of Nebula. I'm here today with the first development update to be posted on IndieDB. First of all, I want to say thanks to everyone supporting the game here and on reddit, you guys are awesome :) Now, I feel that it's time to tell you guys a little more about this game, so let's get to it!

Me and Nebula; a brief history

Nebula is a sidescroller platformer game. A Metroidvania, if you like. The gameplay is focused on exploration of the scenario, puzzles, weapon and item upgrades, and combat. I've been planning this game on my spare time for a LONG time now. And I mean long. The first prototype dates back to 2005. Of corse, at that time, the game was just an experiment, an idea. As a fan of the genre, I wanted to create something that was unique and fresh. Something that would give the gamers a very special and unique experience. A platform game with a kind of retro and very responsive gameplay, but with modern elements. This was the very first seed that one day would become Nebula.

So, time passes and I start working as a freelance product designer for furniture, advertising and architecture companies. And by the beginning of 2014, I find myself away from my game idea. That's when I decided that I should start working on Nebula again, this time for real. I saved some money working as a freelancer, so I was able to invest a little less of my time on the real jobs and a bit more on my personal creations. Today, my day is about 50% working on Nebula and the other 50% on 3D rendering for my clients.

The timing was perfect, and my change of plans coincided with the launching of Unreal Engine 4. I had some experience on Unreal Development Kit (UDK), and UE4 fits my needs like a glove. I'm an 3D artist, not a programmer, you see. Not a traditional one, at least. And in UE4 we have something they call Blueprints, that allow the game designer to create the game logics in a much more visual way when compared to traditional programing. So that helped me a lot.

Nebula today

Now, the game is starting to take shape. As said before, Nebula is a sidescroller focused on exploration. You control Ivy, a survivor of a catastropic event on the space ark that names the game, the NCC Nebula. There are many objectives, and more importantly, there is more than one way to get to a given objective. Some of the goals are straight forward, but to complete some of them you'll have to think strategically and find your own way. There are hidden upgrades that reveal new paths, as well as hidden secrets about the game's lore that you'll only discover if you explore the ship.

The game is being developed for PC and I'm aiming for a release on Steam.

This is it for today, stay tuned for more info!


Looks good, so tracking :)

Also, like many freelancers are doing now, if you want to work 100% of the time in your game you could make a kickstarter (But be aware, it has bad things also, like unsatisfied backers and that). Also wich price are you planning on releasing it? The rating of how good it is varies much on it, you know, something of 20$ isn't going to be rated as something of 5$ :).

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